Shenzhen Tong countdown opened Chinese medicine liquor station on the air

Shenzhen Tong countdown opening station and Chinese medicine liquor outlet sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my source: financial investment report recently had the media reported that the Hongkong Central Clearing Company Limited (Hongkong Clearing Corp) will arrange a series of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the exercise of market in this year from October to November, while the Shenzhen Hong Kong is expected mid to late 11 opened. Accompanied by the Shenzhen Hong Kong through opening time countdown, the relevant benefit from the plate once again become a hot market. Analysis pointed out that in this context, Shenzhen has a scarcity of traits to underestimate the value of blue chip is expected to lead to attention, and two plates of liquor and medicine or Hong Kong will get attention and benefit. This year Chinese medicine prices upward striking industry scarcity obvious – reporter Shu Yajiang traditional Chinese medicine sector because of its own characteristics and scarcity, have always been regarded as the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening of Hong Kong is expected to first by the attention of the blue chip sector. From the industry itself, Chinese herbal medicine has entered a new round of rising cycle industry, by the favorable policies, sector valuations and other factors, is expected to urge the industry. Prices boost stock prices in 2016, Chinese herbal medicine prices steadily upward, some varieties or amazing. Relevant data show that 1-7 months, the United States and Chinese herbal medicine price index rose by 3.1%, the market continued to stabilize upward, some varieties rose larger. Among them, Radix Pseudostellariae (Series) price growth 100%, 37 (80) price increase of 67%, wild chrysanthemum (EC) price increase of 57%, Fuling (d) and Coptis chinensis (chicken) increased by 39%, Chuanxiong (Series), Ophiopogon japonicus (Series) and rhubarb (horseshoe) increased by more than 30%, Salvia miltiorrhiza (Series), Ginkgo biloba (EC) and Codonopsis (in) rose more than 20%. On June, Radix Pseudostellariae (Series) prices rose 77%, Fuling (d) prices rose 39%, Coptis (chicken feet) prices rose 32%, rhubarb (horseshoe) prices rose 31%. Changjiang Securities analyst Liu Shuchang believes that the next 3 years will lay in the medicine supply contraction rising tone: "before has stressed that Chinese herbal medicine prices have been rising early, will drive the price of medicines supply contraction in the next 3 years gradually upward. In 2014 2013, the new centralized production led to many Chinese herbal medicine prices fell sharply, Yaonong continued losses, planting area reduction, considering that most of Chinese herbal medicines have 2-3 years of cultivation period, the next 3 annual new will continue to reduce or." Chinese herbal pieces by the national policy to protect the industry’s raw material prices have been concerned about the same time, favorable policies continue to have a positive impact on traditional Chinese medicine plate. Lianxun securities analyst Fu Lichun believes that in the current price mainly for the purpose of the provincial drug bidding environment, some of the imported drugs, new drug price cuts is also difficult to escape the fate, the pharmaceutical industry growth rate has declined, the growth rate in 2015 has a single digit, but in Chinese herbal medicine industry has been protected by the government, including the enjoyment of foreign entry no, in the drug bidding price range, drug retail reserves plus super pharmaceutical drug benefits. Promoting Chinese medicine theory in the near future相关的主题文章: