Short hair is really a magic! It’s not who wants to cut can cut!

Short hair is really a magical! Really not who want to cut can cut! – Fashion – original title: short hair is really a magical! Really not who want to cut can cut! I still love long haired lion, in addition to Liu Shishi, PC sauce, but recently many stars challenge hair yo! Liu Shishi recently cut short to shooting in Wuxi, known to users of gas, in the picture poem Qi ear hair, should be cut since her debut in the shortest time, long hair and short poems poems which one you love is not long hair to look comparison of dignified atmosphere, short hair looks cute. – the large power power in short, two dimensional Girl online, but the daily makeup hair, the color of questionable! Zheng Shuangmei paper recently was photographed at the airport, neat short hair, but ordinary shirt Can wear a large vu in her recent pictures from here! Zheng Shuang studio also issued a little cool, recently some fat, color is also good Oh! From long to short, Zheng Shuang also in shape to make many attempts. Song Jia recently in micro-blog out new hair self, color is also very special, but PC sauce almost did not recognize this is her big difference! Bob is not suitable for her, brown hair color let whole person look a little black. Short hair while good-looking, but not everyone is suitable for yo! (Mongolia, li ke car commissioning editor:?) original title: short hair is really a magical! Really not who want to cut can cut the length of hair! How was the most reasonable – not just to set the length, shape and length of reference in the face, carefully observe the relations between the various faces and hair, foreign stylist who summed up the hair golden rule, 5.7cm rule — that is, whether the vertical distance between the chin ears more than 5.7cm (2.25 inch), which is the division between partial and partial distinguish long face short face, if just in 5.7cm next, it belongs to the standard type. If longer than 5.7cm, more suitable for long hair. Such as Ruby Lin, Bob will face a longer look, features more stiff, and long hair will look better. Face is short, suitable for Bob head and the like short hair, Lu Yu is a good example. If shorter than 5.7cm, suitable for short hair Bob head, such as Amber Kuo. See here you may secretly glad, I just face down in the 5.7cm, it belongs to the standard type, why a lot of hair or not for me – it depends on what your face! Oval face oval face is relatively standard face, long hair, long hair, long hair can hold live! Yuan Shanshan, long hair, short hair, long hair can hold live. Rectangular face ma? Long period style is not a color, but is short, created many classic image. Square face short hair Ella is still relatively characteristic. Long hair will face fat, more common. (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: