Sichuan Panzhihua heavy rainfall caused 6 dead and 11 missing the national headquarters of the worki christie stevens

Sichuan Panzhihua heavy rainfall caused 6 dead and 11 missing in the national headquarters of the working group rushed to the zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Panzhihua – Chengdu in September 19, (He Xi Wang Zhe) reporter 19, 18 from the Sichuan provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters was informed that, affected by heavy rainfall, 4 counties in Sichuan Panzhihua Renhe District, East District, Yixian County, Yanbian meters county (District) 15 townships 12669 people were affected, 6 people were killed and 11 people missing. In September 18th 8 to 19, 8, a large part of Sichuan province down to heavy rain, southern and western basin and Panxi area rainstorm to heavy rain, more than 50 mm has 39 counties 116 stations, more than 100 mm has 4 counties 10 stations, Panzhihua Renhe district is the largest river coal mine station 196.1 mm. 10 to 19 days, Panzhihua Renhe district water reservoir monitoring points rainfall of 236.2 mm, 100 mm of rainfall in the city more than 8 monitoring points, mainly in the eastern segment, Renhe district. Panzhihua 15 held a briefing: the emergence of the disaster caused by strong rainstorm process, Renhe District, East District, Miyi county and Yanbian county 4 counties (districts) 15 towns affected 12669 people, 6 people were killed and 11 people missing, the Eastern Bank town of 3 people missing, Renhe district town landslide buried 3 houses caused 3 deaths, 7 people lost ground town houses collapsed, causing 1 deaths and 1 deaths caused by the flood, the Wu Xiang wall collapse caused 1 deaths, ah La rural housing collapse caused 1 people lost contact. Highway S214 line to Bailagu silver deer Village Reservoir two landslides, high-speed operation field section, 108 state line road, winding village salad off the road because of landslides. Local Party committees and governments and relevant departments are fully organized by the threat of mass transfer and repair of damaged engineering facilities. Sichuan Provincial Meteorological Station forecast: 19, 12 pm to 20 pm, Panzhihua heavy rainfall will continue, rainfall up to 40 mm to 60 mm, water reservoir 24 hour accumulated rainfall up to 320 mm to 350 mm; 19, 20 to 21, 8, the precipitation will continue, the cumulative rainfall of up to 40 – 70 mm of water. Tang Tian reservoir accumulated rainfall will reach 360420 mm. According to hydrological analysis is expected, compared to Jinsha River today 14 PanZhiHua Railway Station traffic increased slightly, water stable. National headquarters has sent a working group to Panzhihua. (end)相关的主题文章: