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[South Korea] Le Tour Jeju, you do not know a few things – Sohu tourism said this is my second time to Jeju Island this year, the main reason is because the TA". This TA, not Zhou Yuan, not Korea Obama, but a marathon; again in front of a very attractive marathon with two words "orange", but also do not have a style. The Jeju Island orange is always good, because the first cruise to South Korea is to Jeju Island, the Chengshan sunrise peak of Citrus Tian left a deep impression on me, I had described it as "full of sap, fresh and sweet and pleasant". It is a citrus harvest season, the world’s only fruit named marathon, it is how much? [Jeju] long run in a 13 year history of the orange marathon is Jeju Island once a year event, players can be in the "myth" island of South Korea, "Hawaii" of the Jeju Island, while the smell drifting around the citrus flavor, while running fully and delightfully. "2016 oranges in Jeju International Marathon" also invited the hottest season when Han Zhou Yuan " spokesperson, opening the atmosphere is hot! In fact, long compared to other sports, running is not my strengths, citrus marathon is the first marathon in my life, prior preparation cannot be neglected. Listen to a friend often has recommended LP compression clothes, I went to South Korea before they bought a set, worn on the body is very docile, the figure is very significant.. "This really is the professional LP clothes, wearing running really no pressure, no legs arms bound, can protect the joints, seems to run faster than ever before… I am on the right side of the track along the orange forest, running in such a place, the mood is happy and beautiful. I long to tell you the truth, for such non professional players, running is the second important participation and the spirit of entertainment. This is my buddy, and resist in the middle for citrus temptation, enjoy the joy after harvest into the orange grove… Jeju Island is really a sweet orange, eat well. "I was in the soy sauce 5 km run, finished the race in a spree has finished the medal, it’s the first time in my life I got the marathon medals. The most interesting is that after the world cup in Seogwipo square, there is a large market: unlimited free to eat oranges, oranges, send mask, water to drink, to send magic cream, sports pants, all kinds of. Not only cute doll and orange photo, the girls are more natural for love is beautiful hanbok pictures. We wear hanbok hanbok is provided by the 1907 shop, her family will open an entity in December hanbok studio, oh look good. {2017 Jeju International Marathon office citrus Tel: 064-750 address: http: marathon.hallailbo.co.kr 2514 [US] in Jeju "beauty of the heart, the person all has. South Korea相关的主题文章: