Steel prices to enhance the effectiveness of many stages of brewing capacity integration restorator

Steel prices benefit phased upgrade more brewing capacity of steel enterprises enhance integration benefit more brewing capacity to integrate the reporter Jin Ying Shu Beijing reported last year shouting "a pound of steel steel prices have not sold a cabbage price", in the three quarter of this year to find the feeling of money. According to the China Steel Association data released in October 27th, and the capacity to benefit from rising steel prices, this year 1-9 month, CISA member steel enterprises total revenue reached 1 trillion and 990 billion, up losses, profit of 25 billion 206 million yuan. China Steel Association vice president Chi Jingdong said that this year the national iron and steel enterprises is expected to be completed over 45 million tons of capacity to target. But with the rise in steel prices, some of the non-standard production capacity of a large increase in non-standard enterprises, is expected to eliminate backward production capacity of the task is still very difficult, next year will be the year to solve the problem of production capacity." The price of coal or steel enterprises profit infrastructure real estate to the "golden nine silver ten" to promote the domestic steel prices rose slightly in the three quarter. At the same time, the steel industry capacity to promote the implementation of policy provides a good external environment for the entire industry restructuring turnaround. Benefit from the two aspects of the market and the price of steel to pick up, the overall efficiency of domestic steel prices in the three quarter increased significantly. Baosteel three quarterly report released in October 26th showed that as of September this year, the company achieved revenue of 133 billion 435 million yuan, an increase of 9.20%; total profit of 8 billion 110 million yuan, an increase of 174.6%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 5 billion 598 million yuan, an increase of 148.33%. Baosteel is also expected this year, net profit attributable to shareholders will grow 6 to 8 times. Prior to 2015 Baosteel net profit of 1 billion 13 million yuan, according to this estimate in 2016 Baosteel net profit will be between -91.2 billion yuan. Baosteel’s net profit rose significantly, becoming a microcosm of this year to enhance the efficiency of steel prices. China Steel Association data released on 27, 1-9 months of this year, CISA member steel enterprises crude steel output 6.04 tons, an increase of 0.37%. Since March 7 consecutive months of rising, while stocks have declined significantly. In terms of efficiency, steel prices rose significantly enhance the level of profitability. The first three quarters, members of the steel enterprises revenue over 1 trillion and 990 billion, down by $25 billion 206 million, profit of $8.05%, up to profitability. Reasons for the decline in revenue profits rise, CISA said, last year, steel prices fell this year because of the enterprise rational production, and increase the intensity of lowering the efficiency achieved a certain effect. In the four quarter of the steel city, China Steel Association forecast, with the northern winter, the field of infrastructure construction to reduce real estate, steel consumption is expected in the three quarter slowdown or even decline. However, due to the three quarter coal prices rose, steel prices are expected to rise in the fourth quarter. Steel prices in accordance with the fixed production, operating conditions will be relatively stable. Recently, the steel industry also met coal prices, tight supply of "coal" problem. Deputy Secretary General of the association Wang Yingsheng analysis, the coal shortage reason has many aspects. On the one hand, is due to the coal industry to reduce the supply of production capacity, the other side, with the North相关的主题文章: