Stock price from $8 to $50, micro-blog did right

Stock price from $8 to $50, micro-blog do what in September 1, 2016, Sina, micro-blog and other institutions in Tianjin hosted a red Festival site. (visual China map) source: Southern Weekend Southern Weekend reporter Xie Peng five years ago, the rise of WeChat, many people predicted that micro-blog will be broken. But five years later, micro-blog did not die, but its stock price has skyrocketed to $50 highs. The formation of a new network of red micro-blog new flow magnetic field, so that micro-blog’s user base has changed. A large number of grassroots network of red settled, so that the rapid decline of micro-blog user base to the 234 tier cities. Micro-blog from a real-time information network to achieve the transformation of social interest network. September 6, 2016, Sina (NASDAQ:SINA) stock price of about $80, the market value of about $5 billion. But the same day, micro-blog (Nasdaq:WB) the market value of about $9 billion 500 million, with the Qihoo 360 and’s market value is. Micro-blog market capitalization in August 2016 was also a breakthrough $10 billion. In China, only Ali, Tencent, Baidu and Jingdong and other giants of the company’s market capitalization of more than $10 billion. Sina is currently the largest shareholder of micro-blog, the two companies are listed on the nasdaq. On line in 2009, Sina, micro-blog, Tencent, Sohu and NetEase, after the defeat of the micro-blog business, but did not escape the impact of WeChat, WeChat micro-blog users into a batch siphon in the past. Since then micro-blog into many years of silence. But from the beginning of 2015, micro-blog’s stock price is a rocket jump straight to $50 from $8. What did micro-blog do right? Now, when it comes to micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog. But in fact, a few years ago, there are several players micro-blog, Tencent, Sohu and NetEase and other major portals have launched their own micro-blog business, competition is very fierce. Later, Sina micro-blog with first mover advantage and media genes, in the micro-blog battle to win. Sina micro-blog become synonymous with micro-blog. In the micro-blog wars going on in 2011, WeChat launched. 2012, WeChat public line. Both social and media attributes of WeChat, micro-blog’s business for several major portals, as well as social networking platform, such as a huge impact. A large number of users began to migrate to WeChat. But the strange thing is that WeChat did not completely beat micro-blog. Focus on new media marketing services in the micro interactive CEO party treasure on the Southern Weekend reporter said that the interaction between the Micro customers, the first batch of water micro-blog marketing, tasted the sweetness of micro-blog. After the rise of WeChat, these customers have been shaken for micro-blog, but most customers never far from micro-blog or stop investing in micro-blog. Party treasure explained that micro-blog is more open, more likely to form a topic and discussion, WeChat is strong ties and strong reach, easier to do customer relationship management. So, even in the most difficult time micro-blog, most companies still maintain a dual micro propagation matrix. 2013 is the most difficult year for micro-blog. That year, micro-blog’s main flow of magnetic field – large V group of discourse space is tightened. 2013.相关的主题文章: