Summary Of Cheongsam-winfast

Fashion-Style Style and .position 1. Led type: general led, impatiens, penguins maxillary, collarless, water droplets, water chestnut, bamboo, maxillary, etc. 2. The cardigan: XieJin, cardigan, semicircular flap and so on. Single, double breasted, straight front flap, pipa breasted, music, and no flap. 3. Buckle type: Newcastle are stipulated by the new Chinese dress, take to the color of the cloth must be the same as the bin edges of cloth, mainly will make cheongsam more noble, take new ornament on the different styles of clothing but conveys the clothing of different languages. Collar PeiPan clasp, dense with zhang ailing in the era of implicative and elegant; Low collar PeiPan buckle, is permeated with romantic and charming is spruce urban women in the 90 s. Short, long skirts among closely .pose a row of parallel plate buckle, see beauty in bold; XieJin blouse to .pose a few floweriness of flowers wrapped trichoplax clasp, in quaint see pure… . A word buckle, button ombre, pipa, HuDieKou button, monochrome, double color etc. 4. The sleeve type: sleeveless, XiaoJian, short sleeves, 7 minutes of sleeve, sleeve, narrow sleeves, eight horn sleeve, sleeve of loudspeakers, brocaded with, reverse fold sleeve and long sleeve, etc. Former is determined according to the weather changes and cheongsam of the category of the sleeve. But nowadays women cheongsam is mainly to attend the banquet, etc, before more than younger women choose several, while elderly choose long sleeves. 5. Pendulum type: wide place, straight pendulum is, A word, the pendulum is, fishtail gown, short before long after, saw, etc. 6. Lace: cheongsam on the decoration is the most exquisite lace. Edge at the beginning of the qing dynasty is relatively narrow. To garment margin is more and more broadly in the late qing dynasty, lace is also more and more, from the three three roll roll, five with five, to "18 set roll" 7. Length: the length of cheongsam, short qipao 8. Vented: cheongsam is mainly highlight the beautiful line of women, so very close, when wearing a cheongsam action inconvenience, so cheongsam has vented. General cheongsam vents are open to the position of the knee, but with the change of the era and people’s thoughts, vented height also increased. Vented into the lane and vented, bright type vents, with bright type vents can be divided into: high vents, the lower vents. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: