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Tammy Liu Renna beauty skin elegant envy – Sohu BNT news as long as have a good compact and delicate skin, even if age, can make women still elegant and beautiful. Therefore, in the entertainment industry, with a baby face face of the stars has become a focus of public attention. One of the young actress Liu Renna is the showbiz. The secret of making over thirty Liu Renna has the enviable beauty is her Tammy elastic skin. From the skin of the makeup, Liu Renna in order to create a flawless skin under the foot work. Liu Renna wanted to have the same face of the strongest, went to find out methods to build water embellish skin firming. The most important step in the skin care is the basic skin care at home. Especially moisturizing care, if only simple, after second days up, will feel the skin obviously dry. Dry skin will accelerate aging, thus creating the foundation is to insist on good skin moisturizing face care. The end of moisture, and then to stretch care. After moisturizing care, it is recommended to first apply a layer of elastic cream, and then in the corners of the eye, mouth and other easy to wrinkle parts, with a little bit of finger tip smearing cream. In order to achieve both moisturizing and elastic skin care, try MIZON’s Ocean Power Red 65 Cream. This product contains 65% of the "marine ginseng" – red sea cucumber extract components, strengthen the skin elasticity effect is outstanding. The chondroitin in red sea cucumber is rich in ingredients. It can supplement the nutrition for the flabby skin and keep the health of the skin for a long time. After smearing a layer of light, massage the skin, so that the effective ingredients penetrate into the skin better. Build muscle? As long as good honey makeup makeup, can create attractive honey muscle. Choose makeup products to pay attention to product moisture and gloss. Makeup should not only cover facial defects, but also to show the net through the skin effect. Apply make-up water cream before makeup, and then apply makeup sponge to smear and foundation products. In order to show the moist luster of the skin, you can create T area and apple muscle parts to play high light, so that the skin glow with a faint luster. In addition, it is recommended to use the spray containing essential ingredients at any time, so that the makeup can be kept hydrated for a long time. 1 DIOR Skin Nude Air Serum 2 Benefit Girl Meets Pearl 3 CHANEL Hydra Beauty Essence Mist Zheng Youzhen Wang Rongwen MIZON, DIOR, Benefit, CHANEL, BNT news DB http: eng.mizon.co.kr

童颜美女刘仁娜 优雅美肌让人艳羡-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 只要拥有紧致细腻的好肌肤,即使年龄增长,也能让女性们依旧优雅靓丽。因此在演艺圈中,拥有有着娃娃脸童颜的明星们也成为了大众关注的焦点。   刘仁娜就是演艺圈的童颜女星之一。让已过三十的刘仁娜拥有让人艳羡的童颜美貌的秘诀就是她富有弹力的肌肤。从护肤到上妆,刘仁娜为了打造无暇美肌下足了功夫。   想和刘仁娜一样拥有最强童颜的话,就一起了解一下打造水润紧致皮肤的方法。   ?着重于基础护肤      在护肤中最重要的步骤就是在家中的基础护肤。特别是保湿护理,如果只是简单了之,第二天起来后就会感到皮肤明显的干燥。皮肤干燥便会加速老化,因此打造童颜美肌的基础就是坚持做好保湿护理。   结束了保湿,接下来就要进行弹力护理。保湿护理结束后,建议先涂一层弹力面霜,然后在眼角、嘴角等易生皱纹的部位用指尖一点点的涂抹眼霜。      想要同时实现保湿和弹力护肤,不妨试试MIZON的Ocean Power Red 65 Cream。这款产品含有65%的“海洋人参”――红海参提取成分,强化皮肤弹力效果出众。   红海参中的软骨素成分丰富,可为松弛肌肤补充营养,长久保持肌肤的健康状态。轻薄涂抹一层后,按压肌肤进行按摩,让有效成分更好的渗入肌肤。   ?化妆打造蜜肌      只要化好底妆,便可以打造出紧致诱人的蜜肌。选择底妆产品时要关注产品的水润度和光泽度。底妆不仅要遮盖脸部瑕疵,也要展现出皮肤的净透效果。   上妆前先涂抹补水面霜,然后用上妆海绵轻薄的涂抹隔离和粉底产品。为了表现出肌肤的润泽光彩,可造T区和苹果肌部位打高光,让皮肤焕发隐隐光泽。另外,建议随时使用含有精华成分的喷雾,让妆容可以长久保持水润。      01. DIOR Skin Nude Air Serum   02. Benefit Girl Meets Pearl   03. CHANEL Hydra Beauty Essence Mist   郑有珍 王容 文 MIZON,DIOR,Benefit,CHANEL,bnt新闻DB http: eng.mizon.co.kr 相关的主题文章: