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Teach you two kinds of homemade pickled tofu to eat   3 Edible anti taboo – Shandong channel, people.com.cn eat pickled tofu is good for the body? Many people think that there is no nutritional value of pickled tofu, should avoid eating. In fact, the amount of eating pickled tofu is good oh. Today, for you to check the benefits of pickled tofu is how, come look at it. The nutritional value of pickled tofu not flatulence. Many people feel after eating soy flatulence, this is because of the presence of flatulence factors in soybean, raffinose and stachyose glycosides. After fermentation of microorganism and pickled tofu, the flatulence factor decomposition. Increased protein utilization. Soybean protein is not easily digested and absorbed, and the enzymatic hydrolysis of microorganism produced low molecular peptide mixtures, easily digested and absorbed, making pickled tofu protein digestibility increased from 65.3% to 96% of the soybean. A large number of studies show that the amount and properties of the protein contained in the pickled tofu can compare favourably with the animal food, and no cholesterol, so pickled tofu is a healthy food with high protein. B vitamins increase. Due to the interaction of microbes, the content of vitamin B2 in the milk after pickled tofu, tofu is high than 6 ~ 7 times; vitamin B12 content after animal liver. To eat vegetarian, often eat pickled tofu to prevent pernicious anemia and dementia effect; vitamin B1, niacin (also called nicotinic acid) content is higher than the general food. Increased isoflavone activity. Soybean isoflavone is a mixture of polyphenols, antioxidant activity, can prevent and inhibit leukemia, anti-tumor effect, especially for breast cancer and prostate cancer has a positive role in the prevention and treatment. The results showed that soybean isoflavone could be reduced by water washing, but it could not change the content of isoflavones. Who can not eat pickled tofu? Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, gout, kidney disease and peptic ulcer patients should not eat pickled tofu. The crowd generally edible pickled tofu pickled tofu. Alzheimer’s disease. Pickled tofu edible taboo 1, pickled tofu with salt and purine consumption are higher, hypertension, kidney disease, gout patients to eat or not eat as well, so as not to aggravate the condition. 2, it is not appropriate to eat, normal people eat 2~3 times per week. If the red pickled tofu as an example, each not more than half. 3, pickled tofu with honey and fresh diarrhea. Eat homemade pickled tofu steamed meat raw materials: pork, pickled tofu tofu Liubiju sauce, onion, ginger, star anise, cooking wine, soy sauce. Practice: pork in water, and then put a scallion, two slices ginger, cooking wine and some meat to cook for 20 minutes to seven or eight mature, remove. Meat slices, skin down the yard in a bowl, put a few pieces of ginger, aniseed. In a separate bowl, do a piece of red pickled tofu marinade, add a little water to open, add cooking wine, soy sauce. The marinade poured on the meat, steamed for 1.5 to 2 hours, pot. Pour the soup, and then meat down on the plate, pick out the onion ginger aniseed, soup poured on meat. Beijing sauce)相关的主题文章: