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Teacher good daily class: the plant industry "net red" you know a few? Lead: recently just changed a new home, then we moved in, in addition to formaldehyde purification effect "would rather believe its attitude is" air, purchase a lot of plants. Layout end found a paradise, this is the truth. Heard a very good performance of the real estate intermediary said, when the layout model of the plants, never too much. Not like fresh cut so hard, not easy too hard too – "". However, wearing braids rich tree, bamboo and the like, unless you have a superb collocation skill, or accidentally into retirement or rural upstart entrepreneurs. Please refer to the following plants "red" super western style map, choose several pots of home! The growth of the plants are free (left) and a red ribbon braided money tree (right) which is more beautiful? Sansevieria: feed the beauty of man is also called Sansevieria Sansevieria, banded leaf and unique pattern, temperament type player in plants. Strong, slender and upright posture, so called Snake plant English snake orchid, more kinds of name is mother-in-law ‘s tongues (mother tongue), and vivid how to do. You are very difficult to find than Sansevieria can bend stretch plants, too lazy to keep. Stubborn, such as it, although hi hi hi wet, but also shade, just give it a corner, it can live very well, in other words, want to die it still has a certain degree of difficulty coefficient. In addition, its ability to purify the air is also very strong, especially good at absorbing formaldehyde! Casually placed in a corner, the house immediately. Characteristics: Hi warm and humid, drought resistant, light and shade tolerant plants: Red Net "cactus carry handle" say evergreen plants Home Furnishing ornaments, in addition to meat has bad street, the estimate is cactus. Whether you are Nordic style, or taste of Bohemia, handsome figure of cactus to fit almost any space. We often see this very beautiful "cactus" in the Nordic Home Furnishing picture, often get the flower market people do not necessarily know what varieties. In fact, these very beautiful, with a design sense of Optimus Prime "cactus" called "keel" and "ruler", the keel has thorns, the ruler without a thorn. The indifference of the other, domineering name, if you have a strong sense of geometric Nordic wind, that they are a perfect match. Characteristics: Hi strong light, heat tolerant, drought, tenacious vitality with a plug Monstera: the goods are also very beautiful "health and wealth" good mouth color, is also popular broadleaf plants. Does the hole in the leaves, like a turtle, a high degree of recognition, is an expert in the pose. In the shade of Monstera is placed in the home Poxian tropical, it is said that it can release oxygen at night, so very suitable for a bedroom. The big trees placed in the living room look good, pick a few small plant is also very interesting, but also can culture. Features: Hi warm and humid environment, avoid strong light exposure and drying, shade tree: free growth of the green giant.相关的主题文章: