The 6 tour held the first Olympic badminton champion Chen Jin venture circle refers to Sohu – touris ssdao

The 6 tour held the first Olympic badminton champion Chen Jin venture circle refers to the site – tourism Sohu recently, online customization tourism website 6 outbound travel network joint capital, habayashi origin net, a small table, CO hosted the first venture capital circle badminton tournament. The most commendable is the 6 person tour invited the Olympic National team, the China badminton women’s singles coach Chen Jin in the field to the contestants on-site guidance, constantly exciting, attracting many badminton enthusiasts to participate in venture capital circles. It is reported that the badminton tournament from the sponsor to promote, emphasize the precise crowd promotion, with the origin of capital into the joint promotion of venture capital groups, this part of the crowd is custom tourism consumption of the target population. The game has nearly 100 people from Beijing investment institutions and venture companies. During the game, players have come up with their own special skills, jump, smash, backhand kill, pick the ball and so on various skills, let the audience see dazzling. 6 people responsible for the activities of the tour was also surprised: completely beyond the expected intensity of the game. After the game, the Olympic champion Chen Jin and the contestants interact together to play the game, in the game guide you how to protect yourself in badminton sport, how to improve the skills. Custom travel has gradually become the following tour with the group, self-help travel after the third way. In recent years, 6 people travel as a pioneer in customized travel, but also in the rapid development of the steady and rapid customization. 6 people travel as a home for the mass affluent groups to provide customized travel service of the Internet Co, only provide customized services for the whole package between family friends and acquaintances, no forced shopping tour with the group on the road, there is no self-help travel is hard to do, 7X24 hour butler service, any problems appeared whenever and wherever possible the journey in 6 people travel consultants, insist on the protection of consumers throughout the journey of safety.相关的主题文章: