The apricot forest public test director have a fever smart thermometer testing report of maternal 03

The apricot forest public test director: have a fever smart thermometer 03-, a Sohu to apply for participation in the evaluation of maternal and child report ward or clinic, temperature is a relatively frequent operation, heavy workload, children’s body temperature changes rapidly, therefore, especially in pediatrics. But this simple operation regardless of the patient’s home or medical staff is difficult to fully in place. In apricot woods suddenly see the intelligent temperature measurement, very interested, and skeptical, the accident, and pass quickly to send products, through experience, think whether the family or hospital, are suitable for promotion! Two, have a fever director and accessories will be introduced open appearance concise fashion sense, find everything fresh and new, there are accessories: 1.CR2025 battery (a large particle, using dozens of hours now still adequate power); 2 open cell tools (humanized); 3 medical adhesive products (through which the machine attached to the armpit skin); 4 manual (clear); 5 warranty card; 6 certificate; 7 (compact, portable box machine, battery, open tools, medical glue can be put in all, easy to carry) and the 8 children have a fever and Health Handbook, also said some practical knowledge and useful forms (different age standard height, weight, BMI etc.). Three, installation instructions to experience the process of assembling the machine easily according to the mobile phone to download and then have a fever director APP, registered account, open the Bluetooth connection, with the armpit, surgidressing will wear affixed to the armpit, it can be used to measure the body temperature (initial measurement time to be longer). The result can be accurate to decimal place! Output thermometer can be observed at a glance, hot, hot type. To colleagues, friends, we have been attracted to, have expressed interest! Four, the experience of the product testing experience this intelligent thermometer convenient and convenient to measure the body temperature, the night temperature monitoring is very good. Personally feel that the accuracy is high, can be detailed and at a glance to see the children’s body temperature baseline, to solve a lot of difficulties, section of the medical work. For those who can accept things, easy to use, it is worth having! Five, summary 1, went to the frequent human body temperature measurement, medical care. 2, not frightened children, the impact of sleep on children. 3, the thermometer, thermometer discomfort. 4, high and low temperature alarm can know in time, and can realize remote real-time monitoring body temperature change. 5, high accuracy of measurement results. Six, the proposed 1, the body can be a small one, the shell includes a smaller battery, if you can like a coin size should be better. 2, whether there is the development of computer display temperature curve software, set high and low temperature alarm, suitable for installation in the hospital department computer above, to achieve a number of patients at the same time monitoring.相关的主题文章: