The domestic oil price back to 6 Yuan era to fill a box to spend 8 dollars winbook

The domestic oil price back to 6 Yuan era to fill a box to spend 8 dollars according to recent changes in international oil prices, the formation mechanism according to the current oil prices, September 1st 24 refined oil price increase in the sixth year of attack! Gasoline rose 205 yuan per ton, diesel raised by $200 per ton, gasoline rose by $90 per liter, No. 92 gasoline rose by $0.16 per liter, No. 95 increased by $0.17, 0 liters per liter of diesel increased by $0.17. After adjustment, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the central city of gasoline and diesel maximum retail price see schedule. Related price linkage and subsidy policies in accordance with the existing provisions. The three companies in the oil, Sinopec and CNOOC to organize the production and distribution of oil products to ensure stable market supply, strict implementation of national pricing policy. Price departments at all levels to increase market supervision and inspection efforts to strictly investigate and deal with the implementation of national price policy, maintaining the normal market order. Consumers can report price violations through 12358 price supervision platform. We are closely following the oil price formation mechanism, combined with changes in the domestic and international oil market situation, to further improve the research. Attachment: provinces and municipalities and the central city, the highest retail price of gasoline and diesel相关的主题文章: