The G20 Concerto foreign dignitaries sing harmony in the new network vidalia

The G20 "Concerto" foreign dignitaries sing "harmony" – Beijing, China News Agency, Xiamen, September 8 (Xia Bin) if the G20 summit in Hangzhou on the world economic governance "Chinese plan" as a grand concert, being held in Xiamen nineteenth China international investment and Trade Fair has become the G20 summit in Hangzhou "concerto". 8, the fair held on the theme of "new concept, new development, build a new pattern of open economy, the international investment forum, attended the forum and delivered a speech to foreign dignitaries for the G20 summit to sing" harmony". "A few years ago the investment bankers told us that they are willing and able to invest in infrastructure in Europe, but could not find a good project." Latvia Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economy said Laden Asher al Wells?. But now, in order to promote investment in Latvia, is to develop a list of investment projects, launched an investment project called the portal initiative. This is seen as part of the European investment opportunities, but also attracted many investors in non EU countries. In addition, Asher Laden J believes that the investment promotion, must reform to keep pace with the times, "we need more structural reforms and the reform of the labor market and welfare system, improve the efficiency of the energy sector, lower energy prices etc.." Zimbabwe vice president Pillay said Mourinho poco, Kendra? The country has a large number of business investment opportunities in agriculture, mining, manufacturing and tourism and infrastructure construction, "a friendly business environment to support the important role of investment". Mupoko pointed out that in 2015, Zimbabwe and China’s national development and Reform Commission signed a framework agreement, hoping to attract the implementation of the going out strategy and willing to transfer capacity to the Chinese companies in Zimbabwe. Currently, Zimbabwe is speeding up the development of the framework and incentives for the special economic zone, the construction of the Special Economic Zone on the bill is also awaiting approval of the president of the country. "The government of Italy now has a very ambitious reform plan to create a more favorable business environment, because we know it is a prerequisite for improving productivity." Ivan, Minister of economic development in Italy? The same Scafa Radha will improve the business environment as an important starting point to attract foreign investment. He said that Italy is not only a business is very convenient, is a commitment to attract investment and innovative business projects to provide support for the country, in this sense, the reform of system and policies to attract investments are closely related. In addition, Italy is actively practicing the green economy. Radha Scafa pointed out that Italy is one of the most countries in the world to make full use of energy, Italy enterprises have been fully prepared, with Chinese partners to develop sustainable and environmental cooperation in the field of public management. Whether it is the establishment of project investment, the establishment of investment list of special economic zones, or to provide support for innovative projects, vigorously carry out the green economy, the world is a main theme of investment and trade, the world economic recovery accelerated period. (end)相关的主题文章: