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The Kuomintang party workers pay by time – delay fear fundraising Beijing, according to "Taiwan times" reported on China, before the Kuomintang was "inappropriate Party committee" decided to freeze 460 million yuan (NT, the same below) Taiwan bank cheque, the KMT senior also confirmed that the end of the month should be issued in September to determine the party workers salary indefinitely delay we must face the crisis, seeing nothing. At present, the CPC Central Committee has met with trade union representatives, hoping to be able to understand, but also stressed the best efforts to raise funds to pay. The near future will be sued "assets" and the Bank of Yongfeng. KMT vice chairman Tang Deming 29, said the delay party September salary, I hope October can solve this problem. He also criticized the staff salaries, is a legal obligation, even if the presumed improper property, due to fulfill the statutory obligations can be punishment, "property of" knowing the law, since the mouth. He called for "party" do not break the law, "don’t kill, kill the Kuomintang party". It is reported that, because of the cumbersome, the Kuomintang before it had two times of delay salary, and more recently because of "property" requirements of the Kuomintang in Yongfeng silver "can only account deposit, not to mention, in addition to a" cash, 460 million yuan Taiwan bank cheque is frozen, leading to the end of September accounted for bounced check, in the face of fear of salary unfunded party morale has been affected, the Party Central Committee will be more worried about the tide appears to leave. At present there are about 800 full-time KMT Party headquarters, the business monthly fee of about more than 2 thousand yuan, the personnel costs nearly 30 million yuan, with 50 million yuan per month, equal to the headquarters every day to open the door, at least to burn more than 160 yuan; if the problem cannot be solved only by fundraising by the kuomintang. Party insiders said that the Party Central Committee more than 130 party workers do not rule out layoffs. The Kuomintang is expected today or next Monday to sue "assets", and the Bank of Taiwan and Bank of Yongfeng. Tang Deming said, most of the assets of real estate is not easily turned into cash, so previously twice delayed salary. He pointed out that, in addition to judicial proceedings, if the DPP continue to dig deep soft soil, do not rule out the streets will protest.相关的主题文章: