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The more fried the more prosperous? Samsung’s share price hit a record high! Sohu, science and technology [Technews] new technology Samsung flagship new machine Galaxy Note 7 days before the serial explosion, not only affected by the previous sales, Samsung, sale is more massive recall costs, but also to the outside world to worry about the Samsung third quarter revenue, in the other group, boost the sale of assets, Samsung today announced 7 the third quarter operating chugu still slightly reduced compared with the previous quarter. Samsung today announced 7 third quarter of 2016 estimated earnings, third quarter revenue estimates will reach 49 trillion won, quarter by 3.8%, the annual reduction of 5.1% battalion increase was estimated at 7 trillion and 800 billion won, quarter by 4.1%, but compared with the same period last year, Ying Yi also increased 5.5%, Samsung did not for the Galaxy Note 7 explosion cost explanation while the other, with third quarter financial results to the end of October Samsung’s third quarter earnings conference call will have more information. Galaxy Note 7 is the Samsung operating a certain impact, but analysts generally believe that the memory sector, OLED panel made up of the explosion cause caused by financial shocks, South Korea IBK asset management fund manager Kim Hyun-su pointed out that the Samsung OLED memory, cause at least until next year to have a good performance. However, the irony is that Samsung Note7 explosion is also expected to drive the other Samsung business revenue, a senior said, the Note7 recall, a new machine that produces an additional 2 million 500 thousand chip demand, also let the memory industry originally supply tight situation intensified, and may even further push up prices. Research institutions in the State Science and technology report recently estimated, the fourth quarter DRAM contract price may be soaring 30%. Not only the memory, panel other career assists, Samsung in the explosion after a series of selling assets, after 9 months to $1 billion 50 million Samsung printer Department sold to HP, a few days after a detachment (ASML), Amadeus Seagate (Seagate), SHARP (Sharp) stock with the high-speed chip design company Rambus, also sold shares worth up to 1 trillion won (about $900 million), is also widely regarded as one of the means to rescue revenue. Recently in the rights of shareholders Paul Singer Samsung spin off the issue, as well as the operation is still better than expected, Samsung 7 intraday stock price once reached $1715000 per share, and then climb a record high. Samsung will be held on October 27th, the provisional shareholders’ meeting through the sale of printers and other motion, and in 28 announced a detailed report of the third quarter. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news furtherreading:相关的主题文章: