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The mysterious temple Yaqing (2) is also a kind of spiritual life – tourism related links to Sohu Yaqing temple to see what Yaqing monks eat for breakfast? Buddha said, "the practice is to take a road, a path to the deepest depths of our hearts, at the end of the road, we can find a kind of wisdom, this wisdom can let us understand the true meaning of life." Yaqing temple, away from the temptation of materialism, no city noise, Buddhist way of life is very simple, their life is free practice, they have the same soul like the wind. Take a look at the sky at an altitude of 4000 meters of Yaqing temple, only to find the meaning of life is so simple. In October, who is Buddhist before the winter outdoor practice at the end of a period of time, so the Buddhist temple Yaqing very early in the morning to go out, take the zhuanjingtong, with a little food, they from the two opposite mountain at the foot of the mountain. A team to the mountains, when they find a deserted Valley, stop after sit on the floor, about 6 in the afternoon and then slowly turn back. (of the Buddhist group, one after another and the mountain (EL) of the Zaba group, significantly better than the size of the local Tibetan Buddhist), envied and looked toward the mountains and the Buddhist zaba. The Buddhist temple in Yaqing Zaba mountain cultivation, the day Temple Yaqing empty, so it is proposed that drove into the mountains to see fellow photography friends said the air filled with the smell of Buddhist, we can smell the smell of Buddhist drove on, so actually found a Buddhist meditation place, but from the road for a short distance, we have no high altitude Yaqing temple, but returned to being waiting near the nun. (the Buddhist meditation looming in the valley) around 6 in the afternoon, the nun appeared in the odd hillside or valley on the road. After a while, the team and the team almost Zaba happened to appear in the two mountain at the mountainside. A huge Buddhist team, followed by the line, not deliberately lined up from afar into one side, slowly forward. Zaba team slightly loose, elongated and stretched gradually, come to the temple part Yaqing, Zaba should sit down and rest. Is it not time to return? In the end, Buddhist team also slowly stretched formation, some of the young nun even trotted ahead. After the winter, they will enter a Buddhist only one "box" like a small, for a hundred days of closed door practice, with extremely difficult living conditions for amending the law of the day in and day out, let the soul into the universe of infinite space, the process is that we ordinary people can not imagine. We often say that "life is life", life practice is to bear, is gratitude, is detached, is to adhere to… For… Tens of thousands and thousands of Buddhist temple Yaqing Zaba, practice is their life. My travel notes相关的主题文章: