The Need To Carry Lunch Boxes For School Going Kids-icesword

Food-and-Drink People of the working class in todays world have be.e so .petitive in nature that they hardly get time for their own self. People are so busy with their work, studies and businesses that they hardly spare time for even eating food. They prefer a quick meal simultaneously with work, or something on the go. They do not even carry lunch from home, especially the bachelors who do not really know how to cook. This problem has been persistent and has developed into food catering service across the world. By this serving system, .panies set aside a certain amount of funds to provide food services for its employees. Even in schools and colleges, canteen system has been prevalent since ages, which helps children eat food in their breaks. These canteens are contracted by food catering agencies such as R.K.H.S or Sodexo or Aditi. These agencies provide students studying in schools and colleges good food at subsidies rates. In schools usually coupon system is seen, where students can purchase coupons to have snacks and lunch and they subsequently use it when they want to eat, whereas in colleges the same system exists on cash basis. The advantage of such a system is that parents are not burdened to make food early morning for their children and students also get variety of food every day. Another alternative for students instead of eating at their schools and college canteens can be to carry lunch boxes from home to their respective institutions. The advantages of this could be that the quality of food will be good since it is home-made and proper nutrition can be attained. The drawback would be that parents would be burdened with making food for their children, especially working parents who cannot spare much time for cooking at home. Mumbai Dabbawalas is an organization which solves problems associated for food for variety of people staying outside of home. These Dabbawalas have a system by which they collect lunch boxes from peoples homes and deliver it to people wanting it at their work stations or schools. This system is widely used by the people of Mumbai and can avail the service of eating their home food at their work places without having to carry it along. This system has been so efficient that they have received a Six Sigma rating by Forbes magazine. All people traveling by train or who are unable to carry food from home can use this service to their advantage. This way they do not have to be dependent on anything else for their meals especially for professionals whose workplaces are very far from their houses. The decision regarding what time of food do people want to have lies in their own hands. Whether they want to pack lunch from home, or eat on the streets or avail the services of food catering is at their own discretion. Specially for working individuals who do not seem to care about the quality of food, they are okay with eating out. But for school going students, it is preferable if they get packed lunch, since it is their years to grow and no .promise should be made regarding the quality of food they intake. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: