The new Audi A4L tonight will be listed Phoenix car live

The new Audi A4L tonight listed Phoenix car will broadcast Phoenix News Tonight (September 10, 2016), the FAW – Volkswagen Audi will announce a new generation of Audi A4L officially listed in Shanghai, and announced that all models of the market guide price, please look forward to the scene reported Phoenix car, you can also open the mobile phone on the "Phoenix News client" see, "real-time broadcast of new Audi A4L listing conference" in the car in the column! A new generation of domestic Audi A4L using the latest A4 B9 models to build, with the domestic market has been extended by 88 mm. Length and width were 4818x1843x1432 mm, wheelbase of 2908 mm. Appearance, the design style of the new generation of Audi A4L continued overseas models, the new hexagonal mouth design, lamp group shape sharp. The interior, the car maintains the Audi family design style, more fashionable, concise, to the driver as the center of the console operating area of three integrated zone air conditioning control, MMI operating panel, high allocation of vehicles will be collocation Audi virtual cockpit system. Power, the new Audi A4L equipped with 2.0TFSI turbocharged engine with different adjustable, low power 2.0TFSI models using 40 TFSI logo, a maximum power of 190 horsepower; high power 2.0T vehicle suspension 45 TFSI identification, the maximum power of 252 horsepower, equipped with Quattro AWD system. Transmission system, the new A4L full system matching S tronic 7 speed dual clutch transmission.相关的主题文章: