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Business Jewelry has always charmed women of all ages. Be it, earrings, pendants, bangles or brooches or rings, they have always adorned the body of the females and with time these items have become integral to the female existence. Jewelry is a must have accessory for most women and is an integral part of their attire. Jewelry is an important embellishment that complements and enhances a womans apparel. Though designs and appearances of jewelry have evolved over the ages and continue to evolve, they are always preferred and adored by women in every shape and size. Fashion jewelry is a variety of ornaments that are made of relatively lesser expensive materials. With the rates of metals like gold and silver soaring sky high, fashion jewelry has become a popular and affordable option for women. Fashion jewelry is also often called imitation jewelry as it tries to ape the look and feel of expensive metals and stones. Beads and trinkets are an inherent part of fashion jewelry and in modern times have been replaced by their more sophisticated counterparts of high end crystals and simulated diamonds. Fashion jewelry designs are influenced by the place of manufacture as also place of their sale. Fashion jewelry manufactured in the eastern part of the world tends to have more intricate designs while the western countries typically follow solid and geometric designs. Fashion jewelry has been made popular through Hollywood movies and by Americans although it is now also easily available in France and Italy. China too is quickly becoming a good destination to shop for fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry can be both high end as well as low end. Branded fashion jewelry that is designed and manufactured by world renowned brands is priced high while their non branded versions are very affordable. Vintage fashion jewelry by some of the leading brands is quite a collectors item in modern times. Due to the nature and texture of various materials used to make fashion jewelry, these items tend to be more experimental and bold in their designs. While it would be very expensive to design and make an experimental diamond necklace, the same design could be executed using faux diamonds and stones and the ensuing result could be acquired at a far lesser price. As opposed to original or real jewelry where each jewelry item is uniquely designed, fashion jewelry is mostly produced in bulk. Thus it is easy to get hold of a large number of jewelry items with the same or similar designs. While fashion jewelry is easily available in stores in most malls and markets, fairs and exhibitions too are a good place to pick up fashion jewelry. Bangles and bracelets are available in various sizes and can be readily bought from stores. Earrings, necklaces and pendants of various designs too are generally displayed in stores and are readily available for purchase. Wholesale fashion jewelry from China has found many admirers across the world, mainly for its designs, variety and of course the affordability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: