The P2P platform will be divided into three categories for disposal – Politics –

The P2P platform will be divided into three categories for disposal – Politics – original title: P2P platform will be classified into three categories for disposal of Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 13 October, China CBRC and other 15 departments jointly issued a 13 "P2P network lending risk special rectification work plan", through thoroughly investigation, the classification of disposal and acceptance of three steps, a comprehensive renovation of the net loan industry, and according to the degree of risk, the net lending institutions, the severity of treatment can be divided into compliance, rectification and banned three categories, making differential measures, do one of a policy". According to the plan, to sound management, standardized operation, no violation of the relevant laws and regulations compliance institutions, to encourage compliance and development, the implementation of ongoing supervision, supervision to standardize the operation; the operation is not standardized, risk control problems, hit the "red line" rectification mechanism, to issue a rectification within a time limit the rectification, the rectification is not in place, shall be ordered to continue rectification or elimination of integration, and shall be disposed of according to law; to ban institutions engaged in illegal fund-raising and other illegal activities, to crack down, resolutely implement the market withdrawal, and transferred to judicial organs according to law. Implementation plan proposed in recent years, the rapid expansion of the business, excessive publicity in the media, promised high returns, involving real estate loans or campus network loan business and other financial institutions, will focus on the investigation. At the same time, the focus of remediation efforts to punish and ban Internet companies online and offline or over the scope of the development of net loan business to carry out illegal fund-raising and other illegal activities in the name of net loan. The CBRC said the normal development of net loan risk special purpose is not to restrict and suppress the net loan industry, but the root through the standard deviation, and further purification of the market environment, the establishment of long-term mechanism of industry norms, and ultimately the formation of both the development of a virtuous cycle of norm innovation. According to reports, the special rectification work will be completed before the end of January 2017. (reporter Li Yanxia) (commissioning editor: Gong (Intern), Shen Yaxin tester)相关的主题文章: