The United Nations will develop automatic vehicle safety standards against its cyber attacks minmi

The United Nations will develop automatic driving vehicle safety standard by the anti cyber attacks, according to Taiwan media reports, along with the global trend of automatic driving vehicle development, the United Nations official said, in order to prevent attacks by hackers autopilot communication network system used by United Nations agencies responsible for the car, the car will be in November this year, the international regulations by automatically the automobile driving safety standard. Reported that this standard in the research and development of automatic driving technology in the leading position in Japan and Germany led, including the main measures to prevent hackers and detect attacks to warn the driver to prevent and control measures. Future car manufacturers will be required to take specific measures in accordance with the new standards. The United Nations World vehicle regulations coordination forum in Geneva is working on the vehicle safety standards. They have previously embarked on the drafting of highway safety driving technical standards, the future will also be involved in the development of network security standards. It is reported that the automatic driving system with artificial intelligence (AI), so that without human control the steering wheel and brake under the condition of the vehicle can run automatically. If the car was attacked by the network, it may make the car facing the risk of being hijacked or even out of control.相关的主题文章: