The United States marked 9-11 events of the 15 anniversary of the National Memorial y580

The United States marked "9-11" events of the 15 anniversary of the national memorial memorial original title: "9· 11" 15 anniversary of the event yesterday is "9· 11" terrorist attacks across the United States have held 15 anniversary activities, mourning the victims. For many Americans, "9·, 11" haze has not dissipated. 9, President Obama announced in September 9th this year to 11 days for the National Memorial Day, called on the people to prayer, silence, bells, candlelight vigil, visit the Memorial Hall Memorial form "9· 11" incident victims. In Washington, DC, Columbia, 9, the U.S. House of Representatives held a brief ceremony outside the house of Representatives, mourning, 9· 11 victims of the incident. The same day, the U.S. Department of defense held a memorial ceremony in the central courtyard of The Pentagon. 11, The Pentagon "9· 11" memorial park also held a memorial to President Obama, Secretary of defense Carter, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Deng Fude attended the scene, the silence for the victims and to lay a wreath. In New York, in 9, Piper and drummer lead, New York city police uniforms marched in Manhattan, police killed the monument held a ceremony in memory of "9· police killed 11" incident. This is the first time since the New York police department, "9·, 11" event held a parade. The 11 day in New York, "9· 11" memorial square, also held once a year "naming" mourning — silence and read out the names of the victims of nearly 3000. Democratic presidential candidate, former New York Senator Hilary · Clinton attended the ceremony. She and the Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump on this day to suspend campaign. After the memorial ceremony, "9· 11" memorial square open until midnight to pay for the public. In addition, 11, "9·," the National Memorial Museum also held the first art exhibition to commemorate the "9· 11" event, the anniversary of the year 15. Recently, a number of U.S. agencies, the media on the 9· 11 event to the United States on the eve of the anti terrorist gains and losses reflect on the 15. The United States "9· CO chairman of a committee to investigate 11" Thomas · Kean said recently that the United States has not yet again with "9· such important events of 11 terrorist attacks, but small terrorist attacks continue to occur, to curb extremist ideology has almost no harvest, but the security situation in the world than" 9· 11 more dangerous. "When the event occurs. Pugh Research Center recently released a poll showed that 40% of Americans believe that, compared with 15 years ago, the terrorists have more powerful ability to attack the United States, the proportion of a 14 year high of the poll. The survey also found that voters have obvious partisan Views: prop相关的主题文章: