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The villagers do birthday mother fined 650 yuan fines continued: Villagers returned the original title: Sichuan villagers for mother birthday will be fined 650 yuan penalty refund charges voucher continued: Villagers of village pay 650 yuan of illegal cognition banquet fee ". Source: Chengdu daily, Beijing, August 25 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Zhang Lang) Sichuan city of Dazhou province official 24 night issued nanbazhen Xuanhan county government in the city of Longwan nanbazhen village villagers for his mother to make arrangements for the birthday sent related instructions. That said, recently, there are media Xuanhan nanbazhen Longwan Cao village for his mother to make arrangements for the birthday penalty, were reported. After the incident, Xuanhan county government attaches great importance to the people’s government immediately instructed nanbazhen investigation. Nanbazhen people’s government quickly arrange the investigation process: one is to instruct the Longwan village of 650 yuan will receive a refund of the parties; at the same time, the parties to criticism and Education (Jo Jo realized the error, and that the future will strictly abide by the "village", the lead executive). The two is the town government will work with the county civil affairs, legal and other departments, to guide the village (community) to develop and improve the "village" and "resident Convention", to educate and guide the masses consciously resist the lavish banquet style, establish a civilized and frugal fashion. It is understood that the Sichuan local media 24 days to "Sichuan villagers for mother birthday was fined 650 yuan for violation of regulations" reported that in August 10th, Sichuan city of Dazhou province Xuanhan nanbazhen County Villagers Cao Ren became his 87 year old mother birthday, the day was to report violations do feast, then, the villagers were required to pay 650 yuan, a single cash payment, the money was "illegal do feast know fee". Subsequently, Cao Rencheng also received the Longwan village director Cao Yilun phone, violations do feast, ask him together to receive the education nanbazhen inspection office, write a review. (end) editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: