The Vitamin D And Pancreatic Cancer

Alternative With an estimated 44,000 new cases each year and an estimated 40,000 deaths, pancreatic cancer is often considered one of the most lethal forms of this disease. Quite difficult to detect in its early stages and often troublesome to predict, researchers have long been looking for better markers to help identify risks while shedding light on potential preventative measures. Enter plain, old fashion vitamin D. This essential vitamins absence or lack in the bloodstream has been strongly linked to a greater likelihood of pancreatic cancer in multiple studies. Two Harvard Medical School studies, in fact, have found a strong connection between high levels of vitamin D and lower risks for developing pancreatic cancer. The first study involved a group of people taking varying doses of vitamin D on a regular basis. That study found that people who took the higher dose of vitamin D had about a 40 percent lower cancer risk than their counterparts who took less. The second study had similar results. Researchers at the University of California also recently looked at data from 107 different countries around the world. They found that places with the least amount of sunlight a natural source of vitamin D also happened to have the highest pancreatic cancer rates. Vitamin D, which is processed by the liver, has been demonstrated to help block the growth of cancer cells. It is believed those who receive a higher amount of this vitamin on a daily basis may be able to reduce the risks of pancreatic cancer and potentially a variety of other cancers, including colon and breast. While there is no surefire way to prevent pancreatic cancer in every case, maintaining an adequate level of vitamin D may make a difference. People who are interested in cancer prevention are urged to speak with their healthcare providers for the best advice in their cases. About the Author: The Sandler-Kenner Foundation was started by Gregory A. Echt, M.D. and his wife, Susan T. Echt, after they lost two of their dear friends, Michael and Peter, to premature deaths from pancreatic cancer. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Alternative 相关的主题文章: