The west is now rare Cheonbuldong Beijing ruins square function and age – a mystery ca1816

West Cheonbuldong now rare architectural monuments and times square function of new network – a mystery in the central broadcasting network Dunhuang on August 25th news (reporter Wang Yan) according to voice of Chinese "CNR news" reported that in the recently concluded 2016 Dunhuang forum, new Mogao Grottoes — West sister grotto Cheonbuldong now for the first time disclosed to the outside world. Belong to the Dunhuang Grottoes in the West Cheonbuldong, named after the Mogao Grottoes is located in the west, it was dug in the river of the party is an important part of precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, Dunhuang art. In recent years, Dunhuang Research Institute of experts on the West Cheonbuldong unnumbered cave distribution area and the top of the cliff cliff face clean mining, a number of sites in the top of the cliff on the square of 1500 square meters range was found. Wang Jianjun, an associate researcher at the Institute of Archaeology of the Dunhuang Institute of archaeology, said: "this is rare in the Chinese Grotto archaeology. It is said that "some Kentucky, because you above without any traces, now kept high 30 cm, shallow only a few centimeters, a total of 179, divided into three rows, each of the 2 dimensions is 1 meters to 1 meters six." The researchers compared toling Zanda County, Ngari in Tibet temple tower group and Ningxia Qingtongxia 108 tower, the preliminary judgment of these ruins, ruins square is also very likely after leaving the towers were destroyed at the time, perhaps as auxiliary grotto sites for religious activities. At present there is no top West thousand Buddha cave records of towers, researchers think it is possible that a more thorough destruction, resulting in people without any historical data can be found. Although the West Cliff Cheonbuldong square building remains the nature and function of time and there are still some doubt, but Wang Jianjun believes that the excavation will China Grottoes research provides new research direction and topic.相关的主题文章: