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These pregnant women are easy to give birth to a boy, what kind are you? Sohu heard a long time ago the mother and child, pregnant with the baby at the same time the sex of the fetus at the same time, pregnant mother who will show different characteristics. So, what are the characteristics that indicate that the baby is pregnant with a boy? A saying: good memory mommy baby boy boys are more likely to have a good memory of pregnant women. When investigating the effect of pregnancy on women’s cognitive ability, it was found that pregnant women who were pregnant with boys performed better than girls who were pregnant with three indicators of hearing, computation and visual memory. After they gave birth to the baby. The results show that the male and female embryos have an effect on the cognitive function of the mother, and there is an important unknown factor between the difference of the cognitive ability and the sex of the embryo". Statement two: pre preparation time longer easy researchers had a boy of 5283 fertile women were investigated, found that among 498 women spent more than a year before pregnancy, their proportion of boys was 58%; and those who are not likely to a year of pregnant women boys 51%. The researchers believe that, from a global perspective, the birth rate of boys has been more than girls. This is because the sperm with the Y chromosome is smaller and more flexible, so it is easier to pass through the mucus binding to the egg. Previous studies have found that the viscosity of cervical mucus varies from person to person, the higher the viscosity, the more people are not easy to conceive. Cervical mucus viscosity is higher in women, although difficult to conceive, but in a longer period of time, with the Y chromosome sperm through the cervix and egg binding probability is higher, so the odds of having a boy. Statement three: her husband in the side, more boys through the study of 86436 women found that if a child is born, parents have been living together, then the probability of mother boy than mothers living alone 14%. The study shows that the gender of the child is not related to the wishes of the parents, and is not affected by the parents’ age, education, income, race and so on. A new scientific study shows that pregnant women with their husbands are more likely to have boys. Statement four: pre pregnancy eat cereal Mummy Boy more scientists had studied 740 female diet were investigated. Their diet with pregnancy before and after a week, including the quantity of food and nutrients, such as potassium, VC, VE etc.. The study found that breakfast cereal and corn chips and other grain based women, the proportion of boys born far greater than the proportion of children born. During pregnancy, 59% of the boys were high energy breakfast. And non cereal breakfast based women, the proportion of boys born only 43%. The results of this study further confirm that diet is associated with fetal sex. So, if you want to determine the birth of male and female, it is necessary to pay attention to pre pregnancy diet. Myth five: aggressive women tend to have a strong, confident, aggressive woman who is more likely to have a boy than a gentle woman. There are differences in the levels of testosterone in the eggs of female mammals相关的主题文章: