This is millet note 2 Hyperbolic screen too eye-catching pretty rhythm

This is millet Note 2? Hyperboloid screen too eye-catching thought millet will release a new flagship millet Note in August 2, but now this new machine is on the launch next month, in fact, this is also very good understanding, after all, many manufacturers are preparing to launch blockbuster products next month. Now, the netizen released the so-called millet Note 2 spy Post Bar, but only shows the mobile phone touch screen, the screen design is very eye-catching hyperboloid. For this group of millet Note 2 spy photos, netizens think it is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge installed millet desktop PS to make, as far as the fact is how we can make nothing of it. In addition, the spy photos also show that the mobile phone is equipped with MIUI 8 system interface and full function calculator icon, plus a custom suspension ball also has appeared. According to the details before the show, millet Note 2 will have multiple versions, in addition to the hyperboloid screen, there will be a dual camera version, equipped with 5.5 inches OLED display, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM and 6GB RAM+128GB ROM two provides a combination of storage, Xiaolong 820821 processor, ultrasonic fingerprint identification and USB Type-C interface, built-in 4000mAh about the battery, priced at 3000 yuan. If it is a hyperbolic screen, millet Note 2 to sell more than 3000 yuan you can accept it?相关的主题文章: