This meal my eyes were out, the boss is a genius! – Sohu to eat and drink

This meal my eyes were out, the boss is a genius! Sohu and you made it, bombs can also eat Oh I have a dream that is to travel around the world I want to go to Japan, the chinchillas infested fantasy forest I wanted to go to Greece, hidden in the Aegean Sea side of Santorini? I want to…… Go to the forest to look at European air Chihiro retro Castle walk to Alice in Wonderland at the thought of a little excited ah but!! Touched the Flat Wallet left me without my love o (???) o? Until I met TA– Zhang Xiansen the fire explosion in the circle of friends creative restaurant with only more than and 400 square meters of space to put my dream to travel around the world to achieve gradually into the "Fairy" environment, attract the little girl heart disaster caused by flooding water each one came to "Zhang Xiansen" the injection will be inside the fairy tale Wonderland: two outdoor chair walking, three indoor theme restaurant of European retro style, romantic taste of the Mediterranean, the quiet forest clusters, plus a small decoration: create new styles lush fleshy, soft cotton, brocade cluster dense romantic lights…… The room is warm and fresh, Zhang Xiansen said, every decoration store are wow~ Zhang sister-in-law yourself, a brother in the decoration of the house? A report of three! The door into the room, a fantasy trip coming soon? Outdoor? Miniko seems a bit rash, there is a break in the fairyland feeling, it seems to disturb the rest of the little creature here. Fresh, quiet, every corner exudes vitality. All the meat plants are Zhang Xiansen’s own cultivation ~ each of the girls walked into it, do the first thing is to "press the shutter, haven’t really taste the delicacy, has been in the shop girl heart bought. Every night there are singers live in the interior of the sky fantasy forest?. On the wall, the spread of the vines on the ceiling of cotton, bookshelf, murals, is a full report and make the staff personally. General in the Afanda room, lazily on the sofa of the purple, purple, green, yellow, I will be wrapped in a dream in the murals, only to have a good sleep. Indoor article retro Lolita? Princess small villa, full of dense pink lights, wall diversiform watches, European retro dark leather sofa, plus Lolita style curtains, feeling suddenly walked into the room in a European castle ~ Santorini from Mediterranean forests to the last room? A sight, it is hard to imagine a second direct from Europe to the Aegean Sea. The blue and white arrangement, no impurities, close your eyes seem to hear the birds, the wind, the sound of love brewing. Getting into the "immortal" feast, stop at a chowhound heart report bold and lovely creative design, miniko or wood is to forget the yuan today相关的主题文章: