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This treatment of the child "procrastination", a rule of a quasi! – mother and son recently large Sohu friends were at odds, you call me at night: "you say children are how to think ah, do not know how to worry! Let not let up, brush to brush a minute, eat breakfast, but also the number of rice, why are slow, a the concept of time is not, the day I was not behind the push push? Today you simply did not take the pencil case to school……" The ice son has been a "small sharawadgi", from kindergarten on it, so it is large for him to do this and that, and then carrying son (yes, is carrying on time to go to kindergarten). But after primary school, the first to watch the cartoon ice son remains the same — every night, sometimes even watch TV, see enough to write the homework. But the child can not sleep too late, had to help him pack ice. The ice last night overtime, no one to help him pack, then ice son careless even forgot to take the pencil box. In order to appear some kind, I suppressed laughter, she said: "the next time you try this, but don’t push him, give him the prescribed time, wear good clothes and how long, how long wash, how long to eat rice, if slow, remind him once, but what when finished, what time to send school……" "It’s not just late?" "late late chant, school is his thing, and it is not for you, let him be late with the teacher to explain. That’s what my family did." "Is that your child who is always late for school?" "no, but you can rest assured that the children are fine and will not always be like this."." Ice feeling I can understand, because I know the original is a small sharawadgi". Only a short while ago, not to go to school, she had obvious "nosese potential". Call her to eat, until the family had finished eating on the table before going out to play, have to play a device to change the next…… Even tourism, other people’s home three days of the project, on my home to play for a week. I don’t feel what, but to go to school, found the problem — the girl work still in kindergarten, not adjusted. And I could not help but urge her to become the last thing I want to do nagging mother". Finally one day, when children go out, found two socks are not the same girl, completely says: "is your reminder! I wear socks wrong! Well! Classmates will laugh at me!" the girl clamoring for morning I went to buy a pair of socks for (of course fee from her pocket money to buckle), the price is stepping on the bell almost late to school. However, from this incident, I suddenly realized that my constant urging, is disrupting the rhythm of her inner. "Children do things have their own rhythm," although I have long known this sentence, but never so personally experienced. I think, just children in primary school, generally there will be "slow" and "sloppy". Maybe both are concomitant.相关的主题文章: