Tn Match Industry In Trouble-ddrtys

Business Match production by micro industrial units in Tamil Nadu (TN) has gone down drastically in the last few months as shortage of raw materials continues to plague the sector. MSMEs engaged in the match manufacturing industry in the state are facing hurdles in procuring wooden splints, required for the production of matches. Scarcity of raw materials is feared to push several match producing units to the verge of closure. Hit by raw material shortage MSME match manufacturing units in Ettayapuram, Sivakasi, Kovilpatti, Sattur, Kazhugumalai, Sankarankoil and Elayirampannai in TN are in severe trouble due to the high cost of scarce raw materials. Nearly 92% of Indias total match production is carried out in these regions. Unavailability of essential raw materials, coupled with the steep hike in the cost of available inputs such as card board, paper, wax, potassium, chlorate, yellow sulphur and flints, has not only spelled trouble for MSME match manufacturing units in TN but it will adversely impact the countrys overall match production, said Kaushik Das, proprietor of Hind Store, a micro match supplier in Kolkata. Scarcity of wooden splints, which is extracted from softwood trees, has .pelled most of the small-scale match manufacturing units to cut down their production, while many others are on the brink of closure. With the cost of wooden splints and other raw materials doubling, it has be.e difficult for tiny industrial match manufacturing units to meet the huge expenses and sustain their production. Resultantly, several small units have been forced to stop production, said a worker engaged in small-sized match manufacturing unit in Karaikal, who did not wish to be named. Industry associations such as South India Match Manufacturers Association and National Small Match Manufacturers Association in Kovilpatti are of the view that efforts by the TN government and the forest department to cultivate softwood trees on a large scale will help resolve the issue of raw material crunch. Attempts to revive the match manufacturing units in a timely manner will also help MSMEs to grow their business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: