Topic what is the objective criterion to evaluate the animation coinwatch

Topic: the objective evaluation of quality animation is what although we once had "the two dimension is flawless in two thought, but after watching the animation works we still live in reality, so long as there are people, there must be a war. So far, any topic of work has often evolved into a black and white war. So in the end there is no standard can objectively evaluate the good or bad? In today’s topic, let’s talk. Point of view: to see the results of a variety of lists that is objective, but we can not be a cartoon works into a frame of the screen, and then try to study the details of the good or bad. Therefore, the most important thing is how this works for most people. For example, one of the works in 80% people seem to God and when what is the "best animation TOP20" selection, these works are on the list. So, we have reason to think it’s a very good work. After all, there may be a list of one or two military brush votes, but grab a list to see the work, so it can reflect its objectivity. This kind of work is particularly much, such as the "master" "dunk Digimon adventure" and other childhood to work, you can hardly hear the voices of doubt. If so, then there is basically black there, there is no technical content. In recent years, the works also include "gate of" "attack of the giant" etc.. Although there may be some controversy, but as long as the majority of supporters, so for those who have not yet touched them, it is certainly a good choice to make up. Two point of view: to see if there is enough content of the work, the plot is reasonable] now along with the development of technology, many works have been able to achieve satisfactory results from the screen effect. So do we think they are good works? There’s still a big question mark. April – "a". Kaba Nellie, before the launch because the magnificent Promo burst table to give you a feeling of god. Which works after the broadcast, indeed in the picture, people are very perfect. However, in the end did not reach everyone’s expectations, the fundamental reason is that the plot is unreasonable, the logic is simply insulting the audience iq. The story is not good can also have a lot of reasons, but on the whole, there is no connotation, the plot is not sure to win the confusion of the anime fans support. After all, the story is attractive enough, and can let us in after lead a person to endless aftertastes is why we love to watch animation. In fact, the quality of painting in general, but the story is not the case of moving people. In recent years, a lot of dark horse works precisely reflect this point. Whether it is before the work bar! The demon lord ", this year’s" good world best wishes! ", they do not rely on the style to win, but when we open the work immediately to be attracted to a story," don’t stop ". If you can go further, in terms of content has also been reflected, then immediately from the "excellent" rise to "classics"相关的主题文章: