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U.S. media: the emergence of new economic China strong signs of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of reference news network September 28th U.S. media reported that in September the first private sector index, enhance business confidence index increased from the factory and can be seen in the Chinese economy appeared strong signs of new. According to Bloomberg News website reported on September 27th, most of the private sector index are increased and the highest level of a representative index of factory activity jumped to two years, which means that in August the index continued to rise this month. The stability of the flow of credit to promote real estate sales, offset low-spirited exports and private investment continued weakness. The first index reflects the following: SME confidence Standard Chartered SME confidence index rose from 54.9 in August to $56 this month. Shen Lan, a Beijing based economist, wrote in a report that despite the low appetite for investment, sales and production resumed after experiencing weather disturbances. Shen Lan said: people on the overall financial, investment and employment expectations are not high, which means that the confidence of SMEs has not yet fully restored." The satellite view Speh Snow company is located in the United States of San Francisco, the company used algorithms and commercial satellite image analysis of thousands of industrial base, the company’s satellite manufacturing index in September jumped to 50.2 a few weeks ago. This is the index for the first time since November 2014 more than 50. As with the official purchasing managers’ index, reading more than 50 means growth. The official purchasing managers’ index is expected to remain stable at 50.4 this month, according to economists surveyed by bloomberg. This is in line with the readings in September, the highest point in nearly two years. The report will be released in October 1st. Optimistic business leaders are more optimistic. China’s business confidence index, which rose to 55.8 in August, rose to its highest level in 13 months, after a new order offset the impact of falling production, according to the international market news agency (). The index is obtained through the investigation of some listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen enterprise managers. Andy, a senior economist at the international market news and economic Index Corp, ·, Wu wrote in the report: China’s economy in the third quarter will be a strong ending, both manufacturing and service industry growth. Although the economic outlook is still challenging, but our economic activity index is expected to show that, with the help of continuing policy easing, the growth momentum will continue until the last quarter of this year." Sales manager of the world economic research firm in September, the index has remained unchanged at 51.3. The service sector is still the engine of growth, pulling the advantage of manufacturing. Ed, chief executive of ·, wrote in a statement that business confidence remains low compared with last year, and sales growth continued to slow in. The iron and steel industry prospects Platts iron and steel company China confidence index rose to 74.43, following Cong相关的主题文章: