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Valuation plunged $40 billion? Millet issued a strong challenge – Sohu digital [mobile china news] recently, a report on the valuation of millet plummeted, the report caused widespread concern. The translation report the French "Le Figaro" the article pointed out that millet is the "Asian BlackBerry", also from the peak of the valuation of $45 billion to $4 billion, down about 40000000000 dollars. Yesterday evening, millet company spokesman official micro-blog denied that the report raised a number of questions. Millet official said, on the one hand, "Figaro" has never been on the valuation of a thing with millet confirmed, saying the collapse in valuations is completely untrue, has to communicate on the matter and "Figaro", is waiting for the reply; on the other hand, some domestic media that millet in translation in the text even malicious content guide. In fact, 2015 millet did not complete the sales target of 80 million, 2016 in the first half of the new time, but domestic sales (23 million 660 thousand) was a direct competitor once HUAWEI (about 43 million 770 thousand) off the street, was OPPO (29 million 20 thousand) and vivo (25 million 550 thousand) both counter ultra. The millet millet here is actually a response, focus on "valuation down to $4 billion" reported a shelling, seem to be some other such as lack of innovation, there is no denying the positive reports of sales decline, is said to be the presence of malicious content guide. May, millet valuation slump is not entirely true, but the current decline is true.相关的主题文章: