Vice mayor of Anhui, Fuyang alleged serious violation investigation

Anhui vice mayor of Fuyang is investigating alleged serious violation of the original title: Vice Mayor of Anhui Province, Fuyang municipal government Liang Dong accept organization survey according to the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection news: Anhui province Fuyang municipal government deputy mayor Liang Dong alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. Liang Dong Anqing agricultural school students resume 1982.09-1984.07 plant protection; Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences 1984.07-1989.10 Soybean Research Institute staff (of which: 1986.09-1989.07 Anhui Agricultural College of Agronomy; correspondence study) 1989.10-1993.11 Mengcheng County United Front Work Department staff (the 1990.01-1991.03 faction of Wu Wei Xiang exercise; 1991.03-1993.11 attachment to any Xiaojian district (town) Deputy District (town) long 1993.11-1996.01); Xiao Jian Zhen Mengcheng County Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, the mayor (during the period: 1993.08-1995.12 administered by the Central Party school correspondence study); Xiao Jian Zhen 1996.01-1997.03 Mengcheng County deputy county Party secretary; assistant 1997.03-1997.12 Mengcheng county Party members, 1997.12-2004.04 County; Mengcheng county Party members, deputy magistrate of Mengcheng; 2004.04-2006.04 County Committee, deputy mayor 2006.04-2007.02; Deputy Secretary of Lixin County, the county government on behalf of the county; 2007.02-2009.04 Lixin County Deputy Secretary of the county (during the period: 2005.09-2008.07 at the Central Party school graduate department of economic management professional learning); director of 2009.04-2015.02 Lixin county Party Secretary, the NPC Standing Committee; 2015.02-2015.03 Fuyang municipal government party members, vice mayor of Fuyang has 2015.03 candidates; the municipal government party members, vice mayor. (from Fuyang Chinese portal) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: