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Vice President Song Baoguo: Shuanghui food safety credit system to promote the development of the industry — food channel — Beijing 30 September,   September 27th, China meat food safety credit system construction demonstration unit commitment signing ceremony held in beijing. The signing ceremony, Shuanghui 13 companies officially became "Chinese meat food safety credit system construction demonstration project" demonstration enterprise. At present, the demand for food safety and healthy diet is getting higher and higher, the trend of the meat industry to promote structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading. Shuanghui development vice president Song Baoguo said, signed a letter of commitment, the food safety credit system construction has an important role to promote the healthy development of the meat industry. He believes that temperature is an important factor affecting meat product quality and food safety, the temperature down, the quality up to the "drop a liter" will become the main direction of the adjustment and upgrading of product structure of meat. Brand development space innovation cold meat market big innovation is the motive force of the development of an enterprise. The introduction of the first 2000 Shuanghui cold division production line from Europe, the "cold chain production, sales of cold chain, cold chain distribution, chain operation" cold meat pattern into the country, the implementation of brand management. Song Baoguo introduced, cold meat has a strong advantage in quality, taste, nutrition and safety, because of its production, storage, transportation, sales in the low temperature environment, the temperature of the meat to keep 0~7 C, inhibit microbes, ensure the quality of meat and food safety. Due to the consumption habits and cognition, the current domestic market share accounted for little cold meat, in remote and backward areas, cold meat market is still blank, so cold meat has a huge market space for development. Vigorously promote the "cold meat, improve the meat consumption level, let the people of the table to be healthier and safer and it is the responsibility of enterprises." Song Baoguo said. Research and development of new low-temperature meat products is the direction of development Song Baoguo believes that ham as the representative of the high-temperature meat products into the Chinese market has been more than 20 years, but the overall market growth is weak. High quality meat products to meet the needs of consumer upgrades and diversification, facing a better development prospects. In fact, Shuanghui has as a business development direction of low temperature meat products. In 2015, Shuanghui R & D and production of a variety of new products, and put into operation by the Zhengzhou Shuanghui American factory, the introduction of American Meat brand Smithfield, the brand of American production of Bacon, American and American ham sausage. Strictly control the temperature of the product line, first, the production workshop temperature control at 6 degrees Celsius, the processing temperature is 70~80 DEG C, three is a low temperature storage. Through the temperature control to ensure product quality and safety, to create high-quality consumer experience. According to the development strategy of "high temperature, low temperature stability, the establishment of" Shuanghui eight regional R & D center in the country, in 18 provinces and cities nationwide construction of 30 modern slaughter and meat processing base, supporting the construction of cold chain logistics system, mainly by the low temperature, the geographical characteristics of the new product development and production. At the same time, we use modern technology to transform traditional Chinese meat products, to achieve large-scale industrial production, so that local development, local production, on the相关的主题文章: