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Arts-and-Entertainment The American broadcasting .pany abbreviated ABC is one of the most popular television channels in its country. Its popularity is not only limited to the USA anymore. Many of its daily television shows (or soap operas, as they are sometimes called) have also developed a massive popularity in the overseas entertainment market as well. The channel’s most popular shows are broadcasted and viewed by many regional channels and millions of viewers respectively. Also online viewing online pirated and free downloads DVDs and blue ray discs are other means of circulation. Of many popular shows of ABC, the Lost, created by J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof, is one. The Show Lost is a soap that was popular from the first time it was aired, which was 22nd December, 2004. Filmed in the Hawaiian island of Oahu, the first episode of lost (the pilot episode) was viewed by 18.65 million people across the USA. The soap is broadcasted every ……… and has aired 117 episodes till now. The soap has spanned over six seasons so far and will be airing the season 6 Lost finale very soon (supposed date is 23rd May 2010, a date being awaited by millions of lost fan across the world) on ABC. Storyline Lost is a TV show whose main popularity base is based on the mystic nature of the show. The very basic storyline bears an air of mystery. The story started when a plane (an Oceanic Flight 815) crashes (???) on a seemingly deserted tropical island. 71 people and one dog survived the crash out of 324 people on board. The story of the show basically features how they survive on the lonely island with frequently featuring the past lives of the characters. In the pilot episode, the survivors tried to escape unsuccessfully from the island. They then met another woman, named Danielle Rousseau, in the island who was left 16 years ago on the island and the show went on as time passed, one of the most popular stories in the world with the 2nd largest cast in the American television. Seasons & Episodes The story of Lost went from 2004 to the present day. The first season consisted of 25 episodes, the second season with 24 episodes, the third with 23 and the fourth with only 14 episodes, the lowest so far. The fifth season Lost finale was the 17th episode while the sixth season, the current one, is announced to be consisting of 18 episodes, of which 14 have been aired so far (while writing this article). The latest episode, season 6 episode 14, is named The Candidate. Now as the season 6 finale of the ABC’s Lost television show approaches, the regular viewers are exited once again; because everybody were literally Lost when they saw all the past Lost finale. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: