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Sports-and-Recreation What are the benefits of using weight lifting straps? Lifting straps were designed for aiding bodybuilders lift heavy weights better and more safely. It is designed to enhance the effects of dead lifting, bicep curls, and shoulder shrugs. It works by giving you a better grip, and it is something that all starting and serious bodybuilders should contend using. Weightlifting straps can cut down on the strain in the fore arm, which often results from strenuous bodybuilding exercises that require a stronger grip. If you lift a weight that too heavy, it causes your grip to fail before you’ve succeeded working the intended muscle. Lifting straps helps you to hold on to the bars and finish your set before your handgrip fails. It works using simple physics, by wrapping around the bar where your grip is, and this creates extra torque. Lifting straps will also be useful in certain poses where fore arm movement should be immobilized. One of the .mon myths is that weightlifting straps can help you lift more, but this is not true. You should not use Weightlifting straps incorrectly, as they can trick you into lifting something beyond your capacity. The correct way to use lifting straps can, however, cut down on strain, and possibly help you to train your fingers and grip better. Rex’s weight lifting straps are different than other lifting straps on the market, in that they use a special "V" design, instead of a piece of cotton or rubberized cotton that you wrap around the lifting bar. It should be a different type of support, because weight is evenly distributed by two straps to the fore arm. This can make it easier for beginners and experienced alike to do dead lifting, bicep curls, and shoulder shrugs. Normally, when dead lifting you rotate one arm’s grip out, so that the end result is you hold with one arm’s fingers facing you, and the other arms fingers facing the other way. This is to create torque as you pick up the dead lifts. If you use weight lifting straps, effectively a torque is created in one direction, while your grip cradles the bar to create a torque the other way. This helps to create a grip that is better than that of a regular person’s grip, or even gloves. Normally, when you get tired, your grip fails, but with a lifting strap, the fabric starts to crank into the bar, creating an extra measure of grip. This can help save your dead lifting repetition or help you finish the set before your grip gives way. Thus, weightlifting straps will make it a lot easier to do dead lifts, and will work in similar function for bicep curls, and shoulder shrugs. The best part about Rex’s weight lifting straps are the patented "V" design, which will allow you to hold the bar like no other. The side benefits include other people asking where you bought your special lifting strap, in which case you can direct them to Rex’s website! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: