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Hardware Franking mails is a quick method of sending advertising letters that saves time and money while helping .panies in projecting a more professional image. It has been used by all sorts of .panies, from small to large corporations. Since there are no minimum or maximum postage volumes and postage discount is applicable for each envelope, a .pany using the machine for sending their mails can avail of large postage discounts. Before getting to the details of modern machines, tracing its beginning can help us understand how it evolved. Franking devices were introduced in 1884 in order to offer solution to the security issues associated with postal services. Norwegian Engel Frankmussler was the one who first invented it deriving the name Frank and Franking. Earlier it was called as Postal Stamp affixing machine and in 1902, Pitney .pany in America started to offer bulk volumes of the same concept of equipment. Franking devices .e in broad assortment of sizes, models and prices. They can be purchased brand new or can be rented at 20 per month. There are also .plex and sophisticated equipments that can process hundreds of letters in minute. Franking machines also are made with different specifications and designs to cater simple to the most .prehensive requirements of businesses. There are models that are incorporated with weighing scale while some are designed with the ability to provide you with your business logo. However no matter how they are different from model to model, all must be licensed and certified by Royal Mail. It can be used to process various types of mails including first class, second class, recorded delivery, special delivery, clean mail, mailsort, parcel force and international mails. If you are sure to get a frank mail device for your .pany, you can approach registered Royal Mail supplier in your area. Since Royal Mail doesnt provide re.mendations of supplier, you can freely contact any supplier in your location and ask for their advice. The kind and model of franking machine that you will use depends on many factors. There is low-volume, mid-volume to large-volume machines. There are also automatic devices that can detect the weight, thickness and size of your mail. You can choose from Pitney Bowes , Frama, Francotyp Postalia or Neopost from collection of well known labels. These renowned manufacturers have range of different machines that can suit every budget and requirement. Most especially, before renting or purchasing, consider the volume and type of mail you are posting. This is a great way to save significant amount of money and time when you need to post mails everyday. Aside from that, you can save great fraction of your time as there is no need to visit the post office and take the long queues again and again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: