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Business The Choice Gas program allows consumers who live in Nebraska or Wyoming to select a natural gas supplier of their choice. This program is managed by Source Gas utility. With the prices of natural gas at multi year lows, consumers can take advantage of significant savings by participating in the choice gas program in 2012. Residential and Business Enrollment Period 2012 In Wyoming the enrollment for the Choice Gas program starts April 6th 2012 and ends April 26th 2012. The Choice Gas enrollment period in Nebraska starts April 13th and ends April 26th 2012. Gas Pricing Options / Choice of Plans Fixed Rate per Therm- A twelve month term for which the price per Therm is fixed, regardless of usage. Market Index rate- A month-to-month market gas price per Therm that changes each month based upon market price fluctuations. Market Index Rate with Cap- A variable price per Therm which changes each month. A Cap may apply to either the Market Index value or to the combined total of the Market Index plus the Adder. The floating rate may be higher, however the ability for the prices to rise has a set limit. Blended Rate- A combination of a fixed rate and an index rate. A portion of you bill is fixed and the remainder is variable. Fixed Monthly Bill- This plan gives you a fixed monthly bill and it includes commodity costs, customer charges, distribution fees and the associated taxes and fees. Average Fixed Rate per Therm- A 12-month gas price per Therm that is fixed or locked-in based on an average of fixed rate per Therm prices during the selection period, and market conditions 14 days after the Selection Period ends. Rollover Rate (NE)- If customers do not submit a selection on or before April 26th 2012, they will remain with their current supplier at their current pricing option. The new price is set by the supplier after the selection period ends unless otherwise notified by your supplier. The roll over rate will be determined within 15 days after the selection period has ended. Pass-On Rate (WY) A per Therm price based upon the Utilitys projected cost of purchasing gas for resale. The Utility is required to exercise reasonable prudence in purchasing gas and is entitled to recover its actual cost of gas. This rate will change quarterly. Note- All the plans listed above may not be offered by all suppliers. Please contact Source gas and or your gas supplier if you have any additional questions. How do Consumers Enroll with a Supplier Customers can enroll directly with the supplier (call center /Internet) and they can also enroll through Source Gas (call center, Website, mail). For addition details regarding the Choice Gas program please visit .sourcegas.com About the Author- About the author- Paul Atha is Director of Operations at Vista Energy Marketing. Vista Energy Marketing is a nationwide natural gas supplier serving thousands of homeowners and businesses in Illinois, California, Nebraska (Choice Gas), Wyoming (Choice Gas), Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Vista Energy Marketing consistently works to provide competitive rates and prides itself in providing best in class customer service. Vista Energy Marketing supports several charities and is a BBB accredited business. Learn more about us by visiting .VistaEnergymarketing.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: