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" ": what is the illusion of engineers; creative director Disney teaches you to sell creative Sohu – reading Disney "decree": all the engineers must be a fantasy every two weeks to park a tourist, tourist experience empathy innovation; dig "Imagineer car story" the needs of the fans, lifelike reduction in the movie with the same name every tree and bush. By the fanatical pursuit of paradise. "Selling" creative clicking on the cover of the book can be purchased in three press shop: Guangdong people’s publishing house by Marty Scola? (Marty, Sklar) translator: Yi, Shi Honghui published: 2016 1955 06, the United States Animation pioneer Walt imaginative and creative spirit? Disney founded the first modern the amusement park in California, named Disney Park (officially called the Disneyland Disneyland, Park). This is not only the first Disney Park, but also the world’s first modern theme park. Disneyland commercial value is amazing, which in addition to outside Disney founder Voight? Extraordinary imagination and creativity, but also with Disney earlier predicted the experience economy era, in the beginning, it will be the customer experience in the relevant position of the supreme. The soul of the experience economy is the theme of experience design, and Disney’s enduring mystery lies in this. As the founder of Disney’s most proud of the staff, the Walt Disney fantasy project creative director, Marty, the world’s 12 Disney theme park witnessed the birth of the "Legend of the world," the legend of the "Legend of the". He will succeed Disney as the concentrated "concise and comprehensive Mickey ten commandments, the ten commandments, is to open the" golden key "creative castle"". The soul of the experience economy is the theme of the experience design, and Disney enduring mystery lies in this. How to carefully design the customer experience? How to create an invisible high value through the scene environment and theme experience? How to meet the needs of 360 users, which brings great emotional pleasure and personality satisfaction? In this book, Disney legend, Marty, and the more than and 10 line of fantasy engineers, unprecedented exposure of the internal view. In the future business model, everyone in the business is likely to be a business scenario planner, a profit maker. Whether it is the Internet, tourism, catering, entertainment and services (television, theme park operators, etc.) of all enterprises, designers, planners, investors can obtain the producers want answers from this book. [author] Scola about Marty? (MartySklar) builder Disney Imagineering international ambassador Disney 1 characters of Disney’s entertainment empire as president, Disney, former executive vice president for a term of 9 years and the fantasy engineering company Marty Scola? Ginseng and directed the tomorrow’s world theme park, Tokyo Park, Disney Disney Michael May Studios, Paris Disney Park, Disney, California Disney adventure animal kingdom.相关的主题文章: