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Which hospital can not file check? – maternal pregnant mother during pregnancy, many Sohu will encounter such problems, but one thing they worried is filing after going to another hospital for check ups can not know? To solve this problem, today Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital maternity experts said, pregnancy after filing will appear on several different production requirements, for the following several conditions for filing to check your analytical pregnant mother have: first, after filing, can check in the hospital do not? Pregnant women at 8-12 weeks of gestation stage, belongs to the blind spot information period, this stage of the pregnant mother hasn’t started the routine check of selected hospitals, filing matters such as vague understanding. At the same time, less knowledge during pregnancy pregnant friends exchange circle has not yet been established, and the 98.5% "from" that pregnant period blind one thing to know, that is the file. But because the hospital filing qualifications, limited conditions, can not meet the needs of pregnant mother check, many pregnant mother seeking antenatal examination in other hospitals, Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital maternity experts here told the pregnant mother, in Taiwan maternity hospital, without filing, also can check. Two, not in the hospital filing, to check in the hospital? Many in the public hospital filing of the pregnant mother who will encounter this problem, Beijing is the only city in the hospital archives in the hospital to check and children. So the question is, if not to check pregnant mothers in another hospital, and not in the hospital filing, will worry about not. But this situation does not exist in the Taiwan maternity hospital, and check in Taiwan maternity hospital can enjoy individual check and package selection, pregnant mother’s private and exclusive consultant physician will make the suitable production plan according to the situation of pregnant mother. The above is to check whether the filing did not answer, if pregnant mothers have doubts about this problem, please call Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital 24 hours VIP hotline: 400-6100-120!相关的主题文章: