Why refrigerator freezer room must be -18 -1 degrees Celsius is not it aquaria

Why refrigerator freezer room must be -18? -1 C: No, no matter how many families have a refrigerator LED panel, can show the cold room and freezer room temperature. Every time I see that 18 degrees below zero, many people, including the author, I can not help but put forward a small question: why frozen room temperature must be minus 18 degrees C? No more than 1 degrees below freezing? It’s a waste of electricity to do such a low temperature. As a result of puzzling, so many people, including the author, began to speculate on the mechanism behind. It’s a good idea to save the electricity by 18 degrees below zero. Why? The refrigerator for a long time, the internal temperature rises, it will start the compressor, buzzing. The frequent start compressor not only power, life will be reduced, there is a very loud. What should I do? Simple, put freezer room temperature was low, such as minus 18 degrees celsius. Then, the cold air in the freezer goes up to the freezer, so that the temperature in the freezer can be kept for a long period of time between 0 and 8 degrees celsius. Air conditioning to the freezer lost too much, the temperature rises to several degrees below zero, the temperature of the refrigerator compressor and then start again dropped to minus 18 degrees, so that the refrigerator starts less. Is it actually like this? It’s a pity, not. One of the reasons for this is that different foods have different degrees of freezing and water freezes below zero. However, think carefully, this does not apply to the refrigerator freezer. Because the freezer storage is not on a mineral water, but all kinds of food. The food contains a lot of water, which is not fake, but it also contains a lot of salt, sugar and other substances. Just like every 1 liters of water contains about 35 grams of salt, so the average water will freeze until it reaches minus 1.33 degrees centigrade. Therefore, in order to put food freezing, freezing temperature of water is not as long as you can, to ensure the temperature low enough to freeze food in the water, which is very important, because the food as long as liquid water, which is equivalent to the various bacteria provides necessary conditions. For beef slice frozen water in different temperature and time was measured in beef curve. When the temperature of thin sliced beef – 4 degrees, only 70% of the water is frozen; the temperature dropped to minus 9 degrees Celsius, there are 3% of the water is not frozen; even reduce beef slice temperature to minus 18 degrees, or 100% of the water is frozen. The reason for the two: the cold water microorganisms -18 to stop the proliferation of microorganisms based on the adaptation of different temperature range, can be divided into three categories of microorganisms, thermophilic bacteria, mesophilic bacteria and cold bacteria. In the process of cold storage and freezing of food, we face the "enemy" is mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria. In general, can cause food spoilage and food poisoning of mesophilic bacteria, in the case of less than 3 DEG C does not produce toxins, of course, the exception of individual strains. For the cold bacteria, usually in 10 degrees below zero to minus 12 degrees Celsius will stop growing. Some fungi even to minus 15 to minus 18 degrees C will stop growing. Look, we thought it was a few degrees below zero.相关的主题文章: