Winning Horse Toys Photo Contests With Breyer

Crafts-Hobbies Thinking of taking your passion for collecting model horse toys to the next level? Perhaps you have a few Breyer horses you know will photograph well. Then you should consider entering a model horse photo contest. People all across the country are having fun entering these contests so why not you too? Here are a few helpful tips to help you succeed. Although you can’t read a judge’s mind, there are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare to enter your Breyer horses into a photo contest. Contest judges are usually not paid. They volunteer their time because they enjoy the hobby and they’re passionate about Breyer horses and other popular brands of horse toys. Anything you can do for your submission to ensure a smoother process for the judges keeps their frustration levels down and only helps your chances of winning. As obvious as it sounds, it bears repeating – follow all the contest guidelines as specified in the entry package. You’d be surprised how many folks have dropped the ball in researching the contest rules and guidelines. Most often, the rules are simple and designed to not only protect your entry, but to be sure the judges don’t be.e overwhelmed with careless disorganized entrants that slow down the judging process. Be sure everything you submit is properly notated with the right information. Each photograph should include entry specifics as well as your name and address. When judges are forced to play guessing games with the entries they receive, the odds are greater yours will be eliminated from the .petition simply because it lacked the right notations. Avoid these .mon mistakes with your photo entries: – Avoid blurry photos – Submit the sharpest picture you can take. You might need to upgrade your camera to get one with a better lens. – Show the whole horse, not just part of it. – Avoid using Polaroid instant photos because they lack clarity and are generally not giving. Beyond these things, here are a few more tips. Be consistent with your identifications. If you’re notating your various documentation in the same place (perhaps the bottom right corner), then the judges have less hassle as they sort through the many applicants. In fact, many applicants use colored labels for consistency. Another great idea is to put your .pleted entry in an envelope that will go into the mailing envelope. This is just an extra precaution for your entry’s journey to the judges. You can then document the internal envelope with its contents so the judges know what it holds. Remember to keep a copy of everything you forward for judging. Double check the requirements to be sure you’ve met them all. Don’t forget to include the required entry fees. Add extra postage stamps for the judge’s convenience. Finally, remember your goal is to submit your best work in a way that allows the judges to enjoy the judging process as much as you enjoy .peting. They want to know you’re as serious and passionate about model horse toys as they are. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: