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Xiamen a workers turned at the same time 4 people cheated police suspect 15 thousand single mother with a bag of roadside buy toy guns and handcuffs. Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter Wang Yuting correspondent Li Fangjun Ventura Sun Qing) bought the copycat uniforms, run the police work permit, he also went to the flea market Amoy toy handcuffs, pistols and other paraphernalia. Suddenly, the workers became Interpol Zhang Guoyun. Hardware equipment to do a good job, then, it is necessary to spell Eq. Through the platform to make friends, he added crazy women, with police identity, do the feelings of a liar, not only with 4 women, single mothers also cheated 15 thousand yuan admission fee". Who knows, less than half a month, it was the police to find the door…… Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Lake police case. [deceived] online understanding of Interpol can help the entrance of the lake Public Security Bureau entrance, a more than and 40 year old woman turned around, from time to time to stretch his neck to look around. August 26th afternoon, the police just police came back, just to see this scene. "Who are you looking for?" Police approached asked. The woman turned, undaunted, "police comrades Hello, do you know Zhang Guoyun? The criminal investigation brigade." Punishment big?" Police shook his head, I have been a big criminal cooked, certainly no one." "Ah? No!" The woman’s face fell, froze in place. See the woman’s abnormal, police must know the wrong person is not so simple, "your name, what I need to say." "I am surnamed Yin, a man with a daughter home from Hubei to Xiamen not long, helpless……" Pause for a moment, Ms. Yin told the police to disclose his own experience: in June of this year, a strange man through the WeChat search nearby people, plus ms.. After the divorce with his daughter, to Xiamen and no friends, Ms. Yin on the other side of the friend verification. About 2 months, during which two people are often out to meet and see each other wearing uniforms, carry on a work permit to write "Lake Criminal Investigation Brigade police Zhang Guoyun, Ms. Yin not only completely relieved, but also on the front of the Zhang police a little favor. August daughter will be admitted, but due to policy restrictions, can not find a school to read, Ms. Yin in the chat to talk about his distress. "What a big deal, wrapped up in me." Zhang Guoyun active help to make a warm heart. Around August 20th, Ms. Yin will be discussed in the face of a good 15 thousand yuan to Zhang Guoyun as a service fee, the child’s things on you, and so good news!" I did not expect this, is more than a dozen days, watching the fast school, Zhang Guoyun is missing, Ms. Yin had to run to find someone. [] with the arrest deception props are hidden in the car to help police posing as a trickster, which is not trivial, the lake Public Security Bureau immediately dispatched elite police investigating the bold "Zhang officer.". Judged by the 45 year old Chongqing pingmou surfaced. But pingmou was uncertain, cheated 15 thousand yuan, went to Zhangzhou and other places happy. At the beginning of September.相关的主题文章: