Xi’an subway three lines to achieve barrier free transfer (video) drop dead diva

Xi’an subway three lines to achieve a barrier free transfer of a public trial by metro line three, this reporter Ma Zhao photo along the subway there are many cultural relics, metro line three is how to protect? How to ensure the safety of power supply after the operation of metro line three, without affecting the normal traffic accident? Before the first line and the two line fares are implemented interval system, when the opening of line three, all lines will be implemented mileage system, and now ready? November 5th Xi’an subway company on the issue of public concern, made a positive response. The distribution of three national cultural relics protection units of cultural relics for along, Xi’an subway company said three lines distributed along the three national cultural relics protection units, respectively for the technology road in the vicinity of the Tang Changan city sites, the wild goose pagoda and the xiyinglu nearby Qinglong temple site. Line from the pagoda site about 340 meters away from the Qinglong Temple site about 200 meters, the project does not involve the two sites protection area, only from the Qinglong Temple site protection through the control range. The intersection door station is located in Yanping Road of science and technology and Tang Changan city ruins park, to attract tourists and improve the service level of the station, cross site layout, to avoid the cultural layer, the station in the central section of excavation depth of about 8m, single, avoid the effect and operation of subway construction on site. Based on the research of metro line one or two cultural relics protection, using the construction experience in civil engineering, line three, continue to deepen the investigation and exploration of general cultural relics, deepen cultural relics protection scheme, to ensure that the subway has no influence on the protection of cultural relics. Across 15 lines 8 to crack the subway engineering personnel, the main geological problems encountered in the subway line three times through the ground fissure, the prominent feature is a large angle and small angle, there are some lines parallel to the crack, the crack line by 8 to a total of 15 times, and in the vicinity of the crack auspicious Village is parallel to the line. In addition, along with the geological problems encountered include land subsidence, collapsible loess and saturated soft loess, engineering and technical personnel have successfully overcome the difficulties through scientific and technological means of construction. Multiple supply safety of Xi’an metro company staff said, No. three line adopts centralized power supply mode, the new road and Bowen Wu Zhuang two main substation, Jinhua main substation and one line sharing. Each of a main substation were introduced in 110 thousand volt power supply two independent and reliable power supply, on the motor car does not affect the normal operation due to a sudden power outage. The AFC system allows passengers to freely travel ticket metro company staff, with three line operation, the new Xi’an subway AFC (AFC) and distribution management system, has been operating in the metro line one or two are reserved and subsequent line access system, AFC system access conditions, meet the line network AFC network system passengers within the network operation and online accessibility of one ticket transfer request, to exchange with the Xi’an city "card" system and data reconciliation of income distribution, and the reserve bank system, mobile system (mobile payment interface), ticketing system three lines will be normal operation. Reporter Zhang Yangang (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. Xi’an land security相关的主题文章: