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Xie Xinzhou: to play an important role in media — people.com.cn original title: new media consensus in the community play an important role in the new media social cohesion consensus (of people) in China access to the Internet for more than 20 years. From the beginning that the Internet is a way of communication, to think that it is a form of industry, and then to think that it is the basic property of the production and dissemination of information platform, people’s understanding of the Internet continues to deepen. Comrade Xi Jinping stressed that "the construction of ecological network in network security and information technology work of the forum, network play guiding public opinion, reflect public opinion", expounded the significance of social consensus by network. Under the new situation, we should deeply understand the meaning and significance of the use of new media network social consensus, innovation, good flexibility, give full play to the important role of new media social cohesion consensus. Social consensus is an important task in the work of public opinion at present, our country is in the key period of the stage, the completion of a comprehensive well-off society to realize the "two one hundred year struggle", whether the success of the most extensive social consensus about the great cause of national rejuvenation. Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out: "if a society does not have the common ideal, no goal, no common values, it is noisy all day, what can be done." This profoundly illustrates the great significance of the cohesion of social consensus on the development of the country. The consensus in the community to wash away the fog, enhance the value of ideological identity, unity of all social forces to join the national revival albert. At present, the comprehensive deepening of reform into the deep water area, social contradictions and interest demands increasingly complex. This situation reflects the level of understanding, as people’s consciousness of various, and the presence of extreme and emotional tendencies to a certain extent, leading to public opinion increasingly complex. At the same time, foreign hostile forces waiting to take advantage of our social problems to incite social ideological penetration, bad mood, destruction of social stability in china. It can be said that the current social cohesion consensus work from the domestic and international environment, the double test is very important, but also very urgent. Strengthen the guidance of public opinion, social cohesion consensus, help to solve the contradictions and problems in the reform and development, and better promote economic and social development. At present, China’s media industry is undergoing profound changes, the use of mass media habits are also undergoing tremendous changes, the new media is increasingly becoming an important channel for social consensus. Data show that China has more than 700 million Internet users, the majority of young people rely heavily on network access to information. This means that the impact of public opinion wind direction, reflecting public opinion, the creation of the era of the majority of the crowd gathered on the Internet, the main focus of the work of the majority of social consensus gathered on the internet. Internet, especially highly interactive social media platform, through the circulation and accumulation of opinions and emotions of users, the formation of a wide range of public opinion. This happens in real life. In addition, there are still a large number of false information, fraud, terrorism, violence, pornography and other harmful information, which poison social ecology, social consensus. Therefore, social cohesion and consensus by new media, jizhuoyangqing of public opinion in the network field, create The sky is clear and bright. network)相关的主题文章: