Yancheng Funing 3 year old boy was missing in front of the city together to find (video) fkzww

Yancheng Funing 3 year old boy was missing in front of the city looking for the intersection point force in November 16th, Yancheng City Funing County, a 3 year old boy lost posts in Yancheng, the network forum, after the promotion of the city, looking for force. According to the intersection of the reporter, the child at the time of the disappearance, there have been three vans through here. Yesterday afternoon, the missing child’s mother Ms. Zhu told reporters recalled that the multi point 12 at noon, her mother took her 26 month old son Hao (a pseudonym) in rice in the neighborhood, finished rice also to lunch time, the grandchild to go home to cook to eat milk. "At one o’clock, my mom came home in a hot dish." Ms. Zhu said anxiously, the time of the incident, cocoa was the grandmother put in front of the walker to play, my mother came home up to three minutes, when she was gone out of the vast. The vast grandmother searched the whole village, the neighbors are also involved in the search operation, but yet the vast shadow. In desperation, the family to the police. It is understood that in Funing County, lived in town, Ms. Zhu before a crossroads Wang Village, a pond nearby, but far from the house. As located in rural areas, along the way there is no reliable video surveillance. "All the village health monitoring, but bad, monitoring near ponds can not find the road." Ms. Zhu also said that the incident occurred, the vast wore a dark gray suit, wearing grey trousers, wearing a pair of sandals in summer. A local female villagers riding electric car with children to express, see three van after the door. "She saw before the normal driving two cars, but the last one is going very fast, like Van tail black bag blocked, did not pay attention to the related information of the vehicle." Eight pm, the family has been rushed to the Funing County Public Security Bureau, the police to help the transfer of nearby bayonet monitoring, patrol car vehicle related information. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation, to increase efforts to find. At the intersection of press time, the disappearance of the vast still did not find their families anxious, here, hope to provide clues to insiders. The family telephone: 1805168088118961531037. The intersection of Muxiao sub development reporter Fan has nothing to do with the original video. Guangdong Qingyuan 5 year old boy at home was missing suspected traffickers walk away

盐城阜宁3岁男童家门口失踪 全城市民合力寻找 交汇点讯 11月16日,盐城市阜宁县一名3岁男童走失的帖子出现在盐城各家网络论坛上,经过推广,全城市民合力寻找。据交汇点记者了解,孩子在失踪时,曾有三辆面包车经过此处。昨天下午,失踪孩子的妈妈朱女士向记者回忆称,中午12点多,她的母亲带着她26个月大的儿子浩浩(化名)在邻居家晒稻子,翻完稻子也到了午饭的时间,奶孙俩就回家做饭吃。“一点钟的时候,我妈回家进屋热个菜。”朱女士着急地称,事发时,可可被外婆放在门前的学步车里玩,妈妈回家最多就三分钟的时间,等她再出来的时候浩浩就不见了。浩浩的外婆找遍了整个村庄,附近的邻居也参与到寻找的行动中,可迟迟没有浩浩的影子。无奈之下,家人报警求助。据了解,朱女士的家住在阜宁县板湖镇前汪村的一个十字路口,家附近有鱼塘,但距离房屋较远。由于地处农村,沿途并无可靠的视频监控。“村卫生所有个监控,但是坏了,附近鱼塘的监控也找不到路面。”朱女士还介绍称,事发时,浩浩上身着深灰色外套,下身穿浅灰色裤子,脚上穿着一双夏天凉鞋。一位当地的女性村民骑着电动车载着孩子去取快递,看到三辆面包车经过家门口。“她看到前两辆正常行驶,但最后一辆开得很快,面包车的尾部好像用黑色的袋子挡住了,根本没有注意车辆的相关信息。”晚上八点多,浩浩的家人已赶到阜宁县公安局,警方帮忙调取附近卡口监控,巡查相关的车车辆信息。 目前,警方已介入调查,加大力度,全力寻找。截至交汇点记者发稿时,失踪的浩浩依旧没有找到,其家人焦急万分,在此,希望能有知情人士提供相关线索。浩浩家人联系电话:18051680881,18961531037。交汇点记者 范木晓子拓展视频:与原文无关。 广东清远5岁男童失踪 疑似在家中被人贩子抱走相关的主题文章: