Yellow cattle slaughtered the same day, Xiamen do not know the name of fresh beef hot pot good taste synnex

The soil of cattle slaughtered the same day, Xiamen unknown fresh cattle Hot pot of good taste and delicacy – Sohu to meet you – I have met all the original title: the man one night only said three words, a whole room did he pay! This man is Huang, Chaozhou road. There is once said to have one with him. The previous share one family 25 taste is not to be underestimated by the roadside shop, shop owner see black, the final seven dig eight dig to find me, and the old yellow is black fellow. So we met three people also have something to do with delicacy, mix a familiar, in the course of contacts, it can also be about life. We are always cold, we will encounter some things on the road of life, some people. Old Huang opened a Chaozhou fresh cattle Hot pot shop, several invitations, finally got the chance to find the store. Shop opened a center in the Longshan road in the area, usually almost do not patronize, I think, should be accounted for a large proportion of the radiation range is the surrounding residents. The facade is not small, a door on the left with a Chaoshan beef meatball shop, on the right is the beef operation. The difference with the present festive decoration, more flower style decoration, feeling slightly at the beginning of the century style, but look at the reality, in the spacious and clean, and my heart at ease, I feel like huang! Formerly: beef meal city is changed to tide [] Fu Yi Jia Huang City Chaoshan beef in early forty, and short hair, from the operating room down over the boning knife greeted me when some shallow Chaozhou accent, Han Han smile, a sincere, suddenly a kind. This is a thrifty man! A childhood neighbor Wang every day so go home. This is the first time this evening said Huang words! Huang assigned me a small round table Hot pot, package, single copy. The soup is a kind of clear bottomed out, with two corn, two strands and some pieces of irregular green onion and white radish, when the temperature reaches, corn and turnips interwoven tumbling, pan gudonggudong played the songs to tease the taste buds. At this time, or red or white, or black toe, chest Lao, Wuhua tripe will bravely fought jumped into the pot, until the color gradient, body micro volume, from the hot pot and then fell to the front of the sauce in the dish, neat turned with a "show" after the fall in the mouth, that meet for a long time can not be forgotten! Chaozhou flavor of fresh beef Hot pot always remember so clearly, but about the enlightenment I Hot pot Chaoshan beef is earlier than forget. Or a lot of people and I have a similar feeling, every time this Hot pot delicious conquered himself. And why the public good Hot pot Chaoshan beef? Mentioned many times before three words really fresh and refined, Cheng jue! [fresh] fresh said that the quality of ingredients, the cow must be slaughtered on the same day, the same day delivery, not frozen, not acid, in a special case by a chunk of beef or turn the hands of the small Jingzhuang expert put all parts into a uniform thickness of meat, with boiled with food, this kind of fresh ingredients near demanding that brings the most essential and look delicious. Huang told me that they are choosing soil cattle, raised in Tongan, slaughtered every day K相关的主题文章: