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ZEALER Wang freely comment on the new MacBook Pro:Touch Bar limited role yesterday Microsoft released an exciting Surface Studio one machine, apple fought back today. Beijing time on October 28th morning, apple held a new conference, in the first Mac computer released the twenty-fifth anniversary of the new MacBook Pro as the debut. Science and technology IP Wang Ziru and Tencent digital anchor Yokii is also the first time in the broadcast and users to share their views on new products. Touch Bar early look stunning, but completely change the habits of the apple Bar is not likely to release the new MacBook Pro highlights the introduction of the support touch Touch. Its design and materials using the Retina touch screen, it can not only completely replace the traditional function buttons, but also can rely on Apple’s macOS system to achieve the functionality of many applications. In addition to conventional touch, Touch Bar also integrates the Touch ID function, the user can pay directly on the Touch Bar touch bar and other related operations. MacBook Pro Touch Bar Wang Ziru think early to see some amazing, to increase the interaction, it is equivalent to the screen, keyboard and touchpad plus an interactive form, we can see that apple this is in reference to the achievements of development of mobile terminal, but it is very difficult to change the MacBook Pro mainstream users. Professional users of the workflow is very mature fixed, rigorous, it is difficult to break. It’s hard for you to imagine a designer staring at the computer screen and looking down at the Touch Bar. But it is still possible to improve the efficiency of some small segments of the small, completely changing the user’s habits is unlikely. The new MacBook Pro large downsizing, the performance is also more powerful new MacBook Pro using a new industrial design and aluminum body material, while in two dimensions have completed a large downsizing. 13 inch MacBook Pro thickness of 14.9 mm, than the previous generation of products of thin small volume 17%, about 14, 0.5 pounds lighter; 15 inch version of a thickness of 15.5 mm thinner than the previous generation 20%, Volume 15, weight only 4 pounds. In addition to becoming lighter and thinner, this is also the history of performance and endurance of the most powerful MacBook Pro. Configuration, 15 inch MBP will be equipped with i7 processor, equipped with AMD Polaris graphics card, 2TBSSD hard drive, double fan, four speakers, and has 10 hours of life. The introduction of 4 lightning 3 interface, a bit radical new MacBook Pro canceled the traditional external interface, the fuselage directly integrated with the same Thunderbolt of the 3 generation of the interface, you can use any interface to charge. For this the king freely in the live call: "this is my today’s most unexpectedly, most can not understand the update." Because cut.相关的主题文章: